Top 5 Salmon Dog Treats

Top 5 Salmon Dog Treats


Vets always recommend that a fur baby’s diet should be made with varied types of food. So, the more food types you give, the better their nutrition will be. Which is why you got different types of dog treats, such as salmon. But with so many brands, which ones should you choose from? Here are our top 5 salmon dog treats to help you decide which is suitable for your fur baby’s health.


Tylee’s Salmon Human-Grade Freeze Dried Dog Treats

You don’t want to give your dog food you won’t eat, right? You only want what’s best for it because of the unconditional love and loyalty it gives you. That’s why Tylee’s salmon dog treats are made with 100% real, natural, human-grade salmon. They’re 100% grain-free and contain no artificial preservatives. Also, they’re single-protein treats, so they’re perfect for furry companions with food sensitivities.

You can give Tylee’s salmon dog treats to your furry companion as is for a crunchy treat. Or you can rehydrate them in water if your dog has a problem with chewing food.

If you have a picky dog, as one customer has, you can crumble a cube and use it as a food topper. Yes, Tylee’s treats have this firm, freeze-dried salmon texture. Still, they’re easy to crumble, yet not too fragile that they crumble to powder. They got a good flavor as well, and this helps encourage dogs to eat their food.

The sizes are also adequate. The nutrients they deliver are excellent that dog owners see a positive change in their fur baby’s coats. They’re low-fat, with no salt added, so they’re suitable for paw babies with certain dietary restrictions.

Stewart Dog Treats

Just like with Tylees, this one is made with 100% wild salmon. According to the American Kennel Club, salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Stewart wild salmon freeze-dried dog treats are made to help support strong muscles and eyes. They’re single-ingredient, grain-free treats, so they’re suitable for dogs with:

  • Food sensitivity
  • Allergies
  • Sensitive stomachs

Some say this brand is less stinky than others. Still, some hold their breath whenever they open a bag. Still, many dogs love them, and several fur parents say they’re great for training.

Several pieces are too small, though. If you have a small pup, this is not an issue. But if you have a big dog like a Golden Retriever or an Alaskan Malamute, giving these will be a challenge.

Still, with their taste and odor, they’re able to entice picky eaters. A happy pet parent was proud to say her pup gobbled up the food whenever she added a piece as a topper. Small the treats may be, the effort that goes into giving them is worth it. Paw parents say their dog’s coats are better than they were before giving the treat.

These Freeze-Dried Salmon Dog Treats Are Suitable For Paw Babies That:

Vital Essentials Wild Alaskan Salmon Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Vital Essentials is one of the leading brands of pet treats. They made waves when they released their line of freeze-dried duck heads for dogs. With their reputation, they didn’t hold back with their salmon dog treats.

Vital Essentials made their treats using pure raw, freeze-dried wild Alaskan salmon. They’re free from added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, and flavorings. No rendered by-products, too, that can trigger allergies and stomach upset. Gluten-free and grain-free, they’re suited for paw babies with sensitivities.

Although these treats have a firm texture, they’re easy to chew. A paw parent got a rescue pup with teeth pulled out, and she was able to give these with no issue. Also, it’s okay for dogs with restricted diets because they’re made using only fresh, wild, Alaskan salmon.

As for the taste? They’re great for training. Dogs would jump through hoops to get a treat. A fur parent even said it’s hilarious how much his dog loves the treats.

Pure Bites

Pure Bites make their salmon dog treats using only 100% wild-caught, human-grade sockeye salmon. They’re made in the USA, with no added preservatives. They’re ideal for dogs who:

  • Need to watch their weight
  • Are on a restricted diet
  • Have allergies
  • Experience gastrointestinal disorders
  • Need to regulate blood sugar

Does your dog gobble its food whole, or have problems chewing food properly? Then no need to worry with Pure Bites salmon dog treats. These treats don’t contain any bones that can get stuck in their throats.

Pure Bites salmon dog treats are carefully freeze-dried that they’re good for training and as a food topper. They’re also great snacks for senior dogs because they don’t have any added ingredients.

Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials

Although Cat-Man-Doo specializes in cat food, that doesn’t mean dogs won’t love the brand. Their salmon dog treats are made from 100% freeze-dried wild Alaskan salmon. The single-ingredient dog treats are ideal for almost all paw babies with ingredient sensitivities.

Have a picky eater? Not a problem with this one. These salmon dog treats are reliable appetite stimulants. Crumble a cube or two on your pet’s food and watch the food disappear.

Another good thing about this brand is that the treats come skin-free. Customers report very few dark streaks, and the sizes are reasonably uniform. Some also say that adding these treats to their diet makes their babies’ coats softer and smoother. They’re also good for senior pets, too.

What Should I Look For In Salmon Dog Treats

What Should I Look For In Salmon Dog Treats?

Your paw baby’s diet is vital to their health and development. So, when looking for salmon dog treats, check the following.

  • Ingredients – should be made from 100% salmon, with no additives, preservatives, or fillers added.
  • Source – the best salmon, of course, is wild salmon freshly caught in US waters. Farm-raised salmon is good too, but make sure that they’re hormone-free.
  • Quality – human-grade is best. The texture should be firm, and the sizes reasonable.
  • Suitability – every dog has special dietary needs. Ask your vet if you can give salmon dog treats to your pet.
  • Cost – it should match your budget so you can still give other nourishing food items to your dog.

Which brand got your eye, and why? Let us know in the comment section.

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