The Best Foods to Freeze Dry for Dog Treats

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Dogs are such loyal and loving furry companions. They deserve all the love, care, and attention that we can give them. So, to honor your loyal canine friend, here are some of the best dog treats that you can freeze dry. We’ll even teach you how to freeze dry them, so let’s get started.

Chicken, Turkey, and Beef – Best Dog Treats Just For Fun

Dogs just love treats. They can’t get enough out of them. And sometimes, whether we’d like to admit it or not, there are just moments when you want to give them a treat – just because! They’re funny, goofy, and just plain cute even when they’re doing nothing.

So instead of giving them treats that are commercially made, loaded with fillers and sugar… how about making your own? Chicken, turkey, and beef are one of the best treats because they’re packed with protein. Plus if you freeze-dry them, they get this satisfying crunch that dogs love.

You go all-out and buy the good cuts for your dogs. Or, if you’re on a budget and wish to lessen food waste, then use leftover meat. It’s a perfect way to watch and keep to your dog’s diet.

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A great treat to give your dog, especially if your furry friend is trying to lose weight. Squash is perfect and has few calories, making it a guilt-free snack to give to your dog. If your furry friend has an upset stomach, then give it a piece of pumpkin. This is also great for senior dogs who have tummy issues.

Tuna or Salmon

These are just amazing proteins of the sea. It’s a good source of protein and other nutrients like Omega-3

Chicken Gizzards

No dogs can resist the intense dark meat flavor of chicken gizzards. They’re chewy, making it a satisfying treat for dogs. Other than that, they are high in glucosamine, which is beneficial for your dog’s joints and cartilage. However, they can be on the gummy side so you can cook them first in the pressure cooker to soften them up.

Liver Cubes – Best Dog Treats For Training

Nothing spells like fun training for you and your dog other than dog liver. They love the taste so much, that they would do just about anything once they see that you have it in your hand and B-vitamins.

How do I freeze dry dog treats?

Freeze drying dog treats is easy and simple. Depending on your dog’s recommended diet, you can freeze dry the dog treats raw or cooked. Either way, here’s how to freeze dry your dog treats using a freeze dryer.

*Note: handle cooked and uncooked treats separately. Also, separate raw meats from vegetables.

  1. Line your freeze dryer trays with parchment paper and pre-freeze them.
  2. Cut the meat or veggie pieces 1 inch long and 3/4 inch thick. For meats and fish, make sure to take out all the fat as possible. If you’re using beef, only get the leanest cuts you can afford.
  3. Take out the trays from the freezer and place the dog treats on them. Don’t pile them too high than the freeze dryer tray, so they all freeze dry evenly.
  4. Put the trays back in the freezer and freeze the food items.
  5. Once frozen, load the trays in the freeze dryer.
  6. Depending on the food item and thickness, it will take 24 hours to process the meat.
  7. Before you open the freeze dryer, remember to open the drain valve. Otherwise, all the water is going to go back to the fish. Make sure that the drain hose is in the bucket to catch the water.
  8. Check the food for any coldness or wetness. If they’re not dry enough, extend the freeze drying time to 3-5 hours, depending on the moisture content.
  9. Once done, defrost your freeze dryer as needed.

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How Do I Store Them?

You have two options for storing the dog treats.

One is in air-tight mason jars, which gives you the convenience of giving your dog special treats on demand. Vacuum sealed, your dog treats can last for 20+ years if stored in ideal conditions. Once opened, the treats can last for 3-6 months in room temperature.

If you’re stocking up on treats and don’t have much room, Mylar bags are ideal. You can stack them in the pantry and not worry about space or breakage in case of accidents. If you open a bag, ensure you get what you need, then vacuum seal after.

Whatever storage method you choose, throw in a packet or two of oxygen absorbers. This helps them last longer. Also, keep the bags or jars away from light and moisture. Keep the ambient temperature no higher than 72°F (22°C).

How To Give The Treats To Your Dog

You can give the dog treats as is. No need to cook or reconstitute them before giving them the treat.

Just make sure that the raw meat you’ll use comes from a safe and reliable source. Practice proper food handling and sanitation as well when preparing the food.

Can I Freeze-Dry A Full Dog Meal As A Treat?

Sure you can! What’s good about freeze-dried dog meals is that it’s a mix of different food items. This way your dog gets all the macro and micronutrients needed for healthy development.


The best freeze-dried dog treats are chicken, turkey, and beef. When you prepare them, you have the confidence to give your dog safe and healthy treats. Vegetables are a great way to go if your dog is on a diet. For training, nothing beats liver, as the intense flavor makes dogs crazy.

You can change things up by giving your dogs tuna or salmon. Chicken gizzards can help maintain their tendons and joints if you have a senior dog.

Freeze drying is easy and usually takes 24 hours. As long as you cut the treats in the right size, the freeze drying time is easy to discover. Store the treats properly by keeping them away from heat, light, moisture, and air. With proper storage, your dog treats can last for 25+ years.

How do you freeze-dry your dog treats? Let us know in the comment section.

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