About Us

Freeze Dried Guide is a blog started by two outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for freeze drying and freeze dried food. This website was created as the ultimate resource for those looking how to freeze dry their own foods at home or simply learn how its done! The benefits of freeze drying is huge – no food waste, ultimate preservation and weight savings are just some of the major benefits that can be observed with freeze dried foods. This blog was created to spread the word about the wonderful benefits of freeze drying at home.

On Our blog and Youtube Channel you can explore the wonderful world of freeze drying and learn how the process is done. We also review a variety of food vendors who carry these specialty items so you can make conscious, cost-effective choices on the best-tasting foods to buy. If you want to learn how to freeze dry yourself or simply want to read quality information then you have come to the right place.

We will continue to update our blog and social media platforms with useful information. We see freeze drying as the solution for multiple problems in this world. With the uncertainty in the world now-a-days, we have seen a drastic increase in mainstream interest about the freeze drying process and results therein. Please contact us with your questions, comments or feedback about our content – we love to hear from our readers. Additionally, you can join our newsletter and social platforms to keep up to date with new guides, news, reviews and quality information relating to freeze drying.

Freeze Dried Guide - Kallum and Lorilee