Top 5 Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Peeps

Top 5 Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Peeps

Freeze Dried Candy

Peeps is one of the messiest candies to freeze dry if you’re not familiar with freeze drying. If you prefer to keep your freeze dryer clean but want sweet treats, you’re in luck. Here are our top 5 picks where you can buy freeze-dried Peeps and enjoy the candy without the mess.

Sarah Lilly’s

Sarah Lily’s creates freeze-dried novelty products. The Inspiration came from Sarah, a special angel with Trisomy 18, a fatal chromosome disorder. The sweet angel made it full term but only survived for 36 hours. On her way to heaven, the people around her sent her off with a fanfare of bubbles. Although her time on Earth was short, she brought joy and love to those around her.

The founders of Sarah Lilly aim to bring the same joy and love with their unique freeze-dried food. Their Limited Edition freeze-dried Peeps is one of their ways to show life can be fun.

For $3.00 you can get a bag with 4 Peeps inside. According to reviews, the freeze-dried candies are yummy. The packaging is cute and sealed nicely to protect the product. The order was shipped fast, and so far no issues with the company.

The Snack Hut Freeze Dried Peeps

The Snack Hut offers Astro Snax Peeps freeze-dried candy. You get the chocolate bunnies in a pack of 3s for $8.00. You can get the candy shipped to your door or have it ready for pickup.

They accept payments through Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay, which may give you flexible options. However, you can also opt for 4 interest-free installments via Shop Pay if your order’s over $50.00

Orders are usually ready in 24 hours, but you’ll get your Peeps shipped within 2 business days upon cleared payment. Your shipping fee’s dependent on your location, but you get free delivery for orders above $50.00.

There are no reviews yet about this product, though. At $8.00 per pack, you might want to check other candy companies to compare.

The Freeze Dried Emporium

Do you usually let the Peeps harden before biting into them? Then all the more, should you try out freeze-dried Peeps.

What we like about the Freeze Dried Emporium is that you don’t have to stick with one flavor. The company offers freeze-dried Peeps in:

  • Original
  • Original Bunnies
  • Party Cake
  • Fruit Punch
  • Chocolate Pudding bunnies
  • Coffee
  • Sparkling Berry Bunnies
  • Cotton Candy
  • Sour Watermelon
  • Hot Tamale
  • FIZZ

We get you; they’re missing the Dr. Pepper flavor. But with these flavor options, you won’t have to regret missing out.

A bag will cost you $5.00, which you can pay through PayPal or PayPal Credit. There’s no review for this brand except for one. The customer said she loves the Peeps because of the perfect texture. She usually lets the candies harden before eating, so this is just right for her.

Top 5 Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Peeps

Simple Humble Homesteading in Ohio

Have you ever looked at the labels of freeze-dried candies and found no ingredient list? Most probably, it’s a company’s show of respect to the original makers. When you freeze dry candies, you don’t change, add, or remove any ingredient. Instead, you just change the appearance from a soft, chewy marshmallow into a crunchy, airy, fun-to-eat snack.

But with Simple Humble, they’re comfortable letting you know what you’re putting in your mouth. The ingredients are right there for you to read on the order page. No surprises with this store.

If you want to try out if freeze-dried Peeps is for you, then this can be an excellent place. You get one freeze-dried candy for $2.00 in a 4×6 Mylar bag that’s heat-sealed. Just like with the Freeze Dried Emporium, you get flavor options other than the original. Your choices are limited, but it’s better than just one flavor.

The single bags are suitable for giveaways, especially now Easter is coming. To motivate you to order more, Simple Humble offers free shipping for orders above $50. If you can’t wait for your order to arrive, you can have it for pickup at their store in Smithville, OH.

Sweety Treaty Co.

How many times have we mentioned this company? We’ve featured them for Charleston Chews, Peach Rings, and Hi-Chew. Many seem to go here, probably because of their freeze-dried candy options.

However, when it comes to Peeps, Sweety Treaty Co. only has one flavor: Dr. Pepper. If you’re a fan of this beverage, you’re in for a treat. A bag of 4 will cost you $7.00, which you can pay through several options. You’re also eligible for 4 interest-free installments via Shop Pay if your order is above $50.00

Sadly, no reviews for this variety of Peeps. If you happen to try one, let us know in the comment section.

Where Will You Buy Your Freeze-Dried Peeps?

So far, these are the places we recommend that you buy your freeze-dried Peeps from. Let us know where you want to buy yours in the comment section.

Have you ever tried to freeze-dry Peeps but ended up with a gooey mess? One of the reasons people think they fail is because of the drying temperature. New or updated Harvest Right freeze dryer versions have a Candy Mode. It turns on when you jack up the temperature to 135°F and above. Peeps, being made out of marshmallows, melt at high temperatures. So forego the Candy Mode on your freeze dryer, and you’re all set to freeze-drying success.

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