Top 7 Freeze-Dried Peach Rings Brands To Try


Freeze Dried Candy

Thinking about buying freeze-dried peach rings but don’t know where to begin? We scoured some candy stores to help you decide which brand to buy.

SweetyTreaty Co. Freeze Dried Peach Rings

SweetTreaty isa family-owned shop that transforms boring sweets into exciting freeze-dried treats. Since Megan started the company, she’s been delivering treats to loyal customers in the US and worldwide.

Their freeze-dried peach rings were so airy and crunchy and quickly became favorites by customers. They have that satisfying peach flavor that’s not too sweet. Two customers gave this a 10 out of 10 rating, and some were obsessed with the flavor.

A bag of 6 can cost $7.49, which is about within the average cost of freeze-dried peach rings.

RJ Pantry Freeze Dried Treats

RJ Pantry Freeze Dried Treats makes a typical snack so unique it’s fun to share and give as gifts.

The freeze-dried peach rings come in a large bag with a package weight of 4 ounces. The bags are resealable, so you don’t have to worry about transferring the contents or wasting the treats.

Customers describe these freeze-dried candy rings as amazing. If this is your first time trying freeze-dried candy, then this brand won’t disappoint. The crunch and the flavor are so satisfying, 2 would be enough in one sitting. Of course, a little goes a long way, but these can be quite addicting, so be warned.

The Freeze Dried Candy Store

Would you believe that this candy store started with freeze-drying pizza? Eventually, they branched out from building their food supply to offering freeze-dried candies. Like any small business, they provide their freeze-dried treats locally before braving the online space.

The freeze-dried peach rings come in three flavors: peach, green apple, and watermelon. They’re sweet tooth approved and made in the USA. The treats were so great a mom couldn’t try a piece because her daughter ate everything. With the help of her daughter’s friends, of course.

A bag of 1.7oz costs $10. But at the time of posting this review, the candies go for $5.49. If ever you tried a bag and loved the sweets, get your order up to $50, and you’re eligible for interest-free installments. If you subscribe, the freeze-dried peach rings will only cost you $4.67 per bag.

Crazy Candy Fun Freeze Dried Candy Peach Rings

The company said your experience would be like “you will do and go to peach heaven with your first Peach Puff!”.

Crazy Candy is also a family-owned business that started to bring more fun to people’s lives. They started with a few local stores, and they’re now extending their reach throughout the US.

Their peach rings $7.99 per bag, but sadly no reviews. It’s a shame because looking at the pictures, their freeze-dried peach rings looked impressive and delicious. Same with their Facebook page as well.


Candy Space

If you’re unimpressed with the size of the freeze-dried peach rings you get, then try Candy Space.

The freeze-dried treat costs $1.99 per package. Why? Because one package has a huge peach ring that gives you three layers of experience. A flakey top, followed by a chewy bottom, with an entire body exploding in peachy goodness.

Lily’s Magical Treats Flavored Peach Rings

If you’re bored with your usual Peach Rings, then Lily’s Magical Treats will do some magic for you. The company is the brainchild of Lily, an 11-year-old fifth grader obsessed with cotton candy. Her mom Tiffany is in charge of the daily operations, which cover cooking the treat to shipping orders.

The freeze-dried rings come in three flavors: peach, watermelon, and spicy. One bag has an ounce of these crunchy and sweet fruit rings that are full of flavor.

A bag can cost you $3.50, though, and the items may need to be made to order. There are no specific reviews about the peach rings, though. But you can check out their social media pages on how they make their magical treats.

Candy Poofs

Candy Poofs make their freeze-dried treats with love.

Their freeze-dried peach rings are great conversation starters and bring life to parties, showers, and other unforgettable events.

You won’t see any reviews about their peach ring candies, which is a shame. The reviews on their Facebook page are also only a few. If you want to try this brand, then do so prudently.

There are also other brands like Bulk Candy Story and Fudge Co. However, these brands also don’t have any reviews about their freeze-dried peach rings. You can try them out if you feel like taking a chance. But if you want to ensure you get the best experience, go for those with reviews.

Freeze-dried candy rings are great when you want something different from the gummy, chewy treats. They’re crunchy, airy, and satisfying to eat on any occasion.

What brand of freeze-dried peach rings caught your fancy? Let us know in the comment section.

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