Where To Buy Freeze Dried Charleston Chews?

Where To Buy Freeze Dried Charleston Chews?

Freeze Dried Candy

Looking for the best places to buy freeze-dried Charleston Chews? Then try to see which one of these online freeze-dried candy stores will work for you. We chose them mostly for their reliability, flexibility, customer satisfaction, and ease of payment.

Treatly Freeze Dried Chocolate Charlie Chews

This is one of the go-to places for freeze-dried candies like Hi-Chew. Treatly Freeze Dried Foods offers the freeze-dried chews in 2oz (approx.) for $7.00. The treat comes in a 5″ x 8″ x 2 1/2 “resealable zip-top bag with a clear plastic front.

They usually ship the order in 2+ days after fulfillment. Unfortunately, their payment options aren’t that flexible, since you can only pay via Shop Pay and Google Pay.

A customer shared her story about being hesitant initially to try the treat. As a fan of the original version, her hesitancy is understandable. But she was surprised that these were so good. She’s confident that she’ll rebuy these for sure.

The Freeze Dried Candy Store Cocolaty Fluff

The Freeze Dried Candy store understands the needs of every sweet tooth around. These freeze-dried Charleston Chews are available in 2oz and 5oz zip-top bags. However, the chews are sold out for now, so check the site occasionally.

Those who managed to get the freeze-dried chews were satisfied with what they got. One said that the FD chews are so good they’d get the treats again. They literally do melt in your mouth. So, if you’re looking for that burst of chocolate nugget goodness, this is the one for you.

Freeze Dried Bites Charleston Chews

Freeze Dried Bites not only has candies, but also freeze-dried blueberries, kiwi, and pickles. But for now, we’ll talk about their freeze-dried Charleston Chews.

A bag of the chews will cost you $5.00, which you can pay through Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay. Unfortunately, they didn’t say the size of the bag of chews you’ll be getting. But based on the picture, we’re guessing you’ll get a decent amount.

The company wants you to have the best experience possible regarding their freeze-dried Charleston chews. Therefore, they only make and ship the treats when the weather’s cool enough. Remember that chocolate is a food that doesn’t freeze dry well. Freeze Dried Bites warned customers that depending on the weather where you’re located, the chews could get melty.

The Freeze-Dried Candy Company FD Charelston Chews

These freeze-dried, chocolate-covered vanilla nougats can become “another personal favorite.” They’re made from original Charleston Chews that have been freeze-dried until the “chew” is gone. What you get is a little crunch followed by an incredible melt-in-your-mouth taste of sweet nougat.

You get the freeze-dried Charleston Chews in a 2.5oz bag that costs $8.50. So it’s one of the most expensive compared among the brands that offer the FD candy. However, it’s also the most reviewed.

Those who bought it love the deliciously crunchy melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The purchase was worth it for them, and they’d definitely buy again later. The description really did the freeze-dried candies justice.

Where To Buy Freeze Dried Charleston Chews

Sweety Treaty Co. Freeze Dried Charleston Chews

Sweety Treaty Co. gives you three reasons to get their freeze-dried Strawberry Charleston Chews.

  • They’re unique and fun
  • Texture’s unexpected
  • Ideal for people who adore crunchy candy

You get a bag of ginormous freeze-dried Charleston Chews for the price of $7.00. Sweety Treaty Co. offers a wide selection of payment options compared to other freeze-dried candy companies. Plus, if you order over $50 in the store, you’re eligible for their 4 interest-free installment option via Shop Pay.

There aren’t a lot of reviews, but a couple did express their satisfaction. One customer said the FD chews were delicious and fun, while the other said it became their favorite.

RJ Pantry

This is one of the popular companies that offer freeze-dried treats. They offer large bags of freeze-dried Charleston Chews, although they didn’t say how big a bag they are. Must be pretty big because one bag costs $12.99, making it the most expensive one on the list.

As of the date of this posting, the FD chews are out of stock. Check from time to time to see when they’re available again.

Bulk Candy Store Freeze Dried Mini Charleston Chews

If you love Charleston Chews and can’t get enough of it, then try the Bulk Candy Store. For $8.99. you can get a 3-oz bag of their freeze-dried mini Charleston Chews. It’s a good size bag to satisfy big appetites or delight a small group of special people for sharing.

There are no reviews, however. If you happen to try this brand, please let us know how it was for you in the comment section.

Freeze-dried Charleston Chews is an entirely different world of sweet treats. From a usually chewy candy, you get a light, airy, fluffy treat that explodes in flavor as it melts in your mouth. But you must choose the right brand to get the unique experience you’re looking for. Also, ensure that your chosen one is reliable and matches your needs.

Which company will you most likely buy freeze-dried Charleston Chews from and why? Let us know in the comment section.

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