Stowaway Gourmet Review

Stowaway Gourmet Review

Freeze Dried Reviews

Many love freeze-dried food because they stay shelf stable for more than 25 years with no refrigeration. And when you make your own freeze-dried meals, you know what to expect. Unfortunately, that can’t be the same for store-bought freeze-dried meals. Some are okay, some are edible but lackluster, while others are plain disappointing. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a high-quality freeze-dried meal that’s so delicious, it’s like you’re eating in a restaurant? Let’s see if Stowaway Gourmet was able to achieve that.

What is Stowaway Gourmet?

Stowaway Gourmet is a freeze-dried food company specializing in freeze-dried meals. Bear in mind that we’re not talking about just any freeze-dried meals here. We’re talking gourmet. This company raised the bar when it comes to backpack meals.

The adventure to improve the quality of freeze-dried meals started in 2017. While the founders were looking at freeze-dried foods to bring to their backpacking, they noticed a couple of things.

These were loaded with sodium or didn’t taste good. It’s not something they would personally look forward to eating after a tough, long day surrounded by nature’s wonders. So, they took matters into their own hands and decided to make their own backpacking food.

Using their years of commercial kitchen experience plus culinary exposure from traveling worldwide, they did it! These meals were a hit, yet they didn’t stop. They’re still finding ways to refine their process in order to fulfill their mission: to make the world’s finest freeze-dried meals and help people during times of crisis and disasters.

What are The Stowaway Gourmet Freeze-Dried Meals

What are The Stowaway Gourmet Freeze-Dried Meals?

Stowaway Gourmet has several flavorful freeze-dried meals to choose from:

  • Bison Beer Black Bean Chili
  • Wild Boar Bacon Bean Stew
  • Thai Curry With Shrimp
  • La Pasta Nostra
  • Turkish Delight
  • Jambalaya With Shrimp
  • Berry Yogurt Parfait
  • Spiced Oatmeal With Pear
  • Miso Salmon Okayu
  • Chana Masala
  • Las Pollos Hermanas
  • Comrade Doeganoff
  • Lamb Bourguinon

If you’ll notice, the meals cover several culinary centers in the world. There’s something for Thailand, Italy, India, France, Mexico, Japan, and Russia. These meals come in Zip-Top Mylar bags to make it easy for you to rehydrate and eat directly out of the pouch.

How Do You Prepare It?

Rehydrating the freeze-dried meal is easy. All you have to do is to add 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Much lesser than the required 2 cups by Mountain House. Stir before resealing, let it stand for 10 minutes, and enjoy. It’s much the same as what you would do with Wise Freeze-Dried Food. However, Stowaway Gourmet rehydrates better than Alpine Aire, which you have to cook.

How Much Will I Be Spending?

You’re looking at spending around $12.95-$19.95 for a pouch of Stowaway Gourmet freeze-dried food. Considering that you’re only buying a pouch, it’s more expensive compared to Patriot.

What Are People Saying About Stowaway Gourmet

What Are People Saying About Stowaway Gourmet?

Most Stowaway Gourmet reviews say one thing in common: people can’t believe the meals were freeze-dried. Many are confused about how freeze-dried food can taste this good. The brand’s better than expected, and it’s noticeable at the first bite. Several people who tried the brand claim it’s eating in a 4-star restaurant.

The brand doesn’t skimp on ingredients. Just like what you would put in a dish when you’re going to cook it at home or a restaurant. For example, the Wild Boar Bacon Bean Stew. It’s got a brandy reduction that gives the freeze-dried meal a deep, smokey flavor and aroma. Plus, you won’t get little bits of protein. Instead, you get chunks of meat that you’ll say, that’s meat!

The seasonings are on point. If you got the Thai Curry, you’d know you’re eating Thai curry. You won’t get this acrid, sharp, metallic attack of spices you can’t identify. Instead, you’ll know it’s curry, and there are even bits of coconut and flavor that will surprise you every now and then. The salmon, they say, is surprisingly moist, and the rice has a nice consistency.

Should I Buy Stowaway Gourmet

If you’re tired of the pasty, grainy, unpalatable meals that you force yourself to eat while backpacking or in a crisis, this is for you. Stowaway Gourmet delivered its promise to give people quality food that you’ll look forward to eating. It’s so good that you might even treat yourself to this meal after a long, tiring day. Just set the mood, and you’ll feel like you’re eating in a restaurant.

The ingredients are really well-chosen, and the company truly refined their process. The texture is so smooth you won’t think you’re eating freeze-dried food. The flavor’s well-balanced and can satisfy food cravings. If you like strong spices, you might find some flavors lacking. But just in spices, though, not flavor. Still, the experience differs from salt-laden freeze-dried foods that dull your pallet.

The price is high compared to other freeze-dried food. When you’re preparing for a crisis, frugality is a top priority. However, when you have a bite, you can’t deny it’s worth the price. Plus, with the many different flavors available, you lessen the chances of experiencing food fatigue.

Have you decided whether or not to bring Stowaway Gourmet freeze-dried meals to your next backpacking trip? Let us know in the comment section.

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