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Our Wise Freeze Dried Food review made us see one thing. That freeze dried meals don’t always have to be cooked in times of emergency. Let’s see what meals they have and if they’re reliable for emergency food preparation.

What is Wise Company?

Wise Company provides food and emergency solutions that you’ll need in times of crisis. They believe that everyone should prepare for what may be the most important meal of their lives.

What Are The Wise Freeze Dried Food Options Available?


You can order several kits that cater to your food supply needs. We noticed that they grouped their products according to serving sizes. We think this is a good move, so you’ll have an idea of how many servings one kit has.

Wise freeze dried food 30 day kit

If you want something you can rely on for quick emergencies, there’s the 72-hour Emergency Food Supply. This comes in a box with 6 pouches of emergency entrees, breakfast, and drinks. The total calories in the box are about 1,250.

There’s the 60 Serving Entrée Only Grab And Go Food Kit. It comes in a bucket with food packs separated into 4-serving pouches. All in all, this gives you 13,400 calories and can last you for 25 years. The other version of the Grab And Go Food Kit comes with 20 bonus servings of rice, giving you 7,520 calories. You get a 15-year shelf life for this one, though. Probably because of the rice. What’s good about this is that it’s a mix of meat, veggies, and carbs.

If you love having a great breakfast, then there’s an 84 Serving Breakfast and Entrée Grab and Go Food Kit. Unlike the 60 Serving Entrée, you get a mix of protein, dairy, fruit, and carbs. Something that will make the start of your day great even when you’re facing an emergency.

If you want to make your own meals, there’s the:

  • 120 serving freeze-dried fruit bucket
  • 120 serving freeze-dried vegetable bucket
  • 120 serving whey milk bucket
  • 144 serving emergency freeze-dried powdered eggs
  • Meat Bucket Bundle

Wise Freeze Dried Food packets are stored in Metallyte™ pouches. Unlike other emergency food packs, Wise Company separates them into 4 servings each. This helps lessen the wastage by keeping your portion in check.

What’s Sets Wise Freeze Dried Food Apart?

Most of the emergency freeze-dried food that we reviewed requires cooking time. This one doesn’t. All you have to do is to add boiling water, wait for 10 minutes, and it’s ready to eat.

Some said that you can use tepid water or room temperature water. But so far, most used hot water to prepare the food.

How Much Will I Spend On Wise Company Freeze Dried Food?

The 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply costs $44.99. For the 60 Serving food kits, you’ll be spending P159.99-$299.99.

The 84 Serving Breakfast and Entrée Bundle cost $199.99, while the 120 Serving Kits and Buckets cost $99.99-$299.99.

If you want to buy Emergency Food Bundles that can last you for months, you’ll be spending $279.99-$4,321.99.

wise freeze dried food 3-month kit

What Is Their Return And Refund Policy?

Wise Company freeze dried food has a 30-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you have 30 days after receiving your product to return it. You also need to meet a couple of conditions when you return.

  • Product should be in the same condition as you got them. It’s unworn, unused, with tags, and still in its original packaging.
  • You should have a receipt or proof of purchase.
  • You need to email them first to initiate the return. Once they accept, you’ll get a return shipping label and instructions on how and where to return your order.

You can’t return the item unless they give you the go signal and return label. Any product sent back to them for return without a request won’t be accepted.

For refunds, they’ll inspect your item first. Then, you’ll be notified whether they approve of your refund or not. Once they approve, you’ll get an automatic refund on your original payment method. It might take time for your bank or credit card company to process and post your refund. Contact your institution to confirm.

What Are People Saying About Wise Freeze Dried Food?

Some say that the selection of food storage items isn’t enough, and it’s true. For example, you don’t see #10 cans like with Emergency Essentials. They also don’t have the option of a 1 year supply like My Patriot.

A reviewer opened three packages in the Meat Bucket Bundle and said that the food wasn’t appetizing to look at. But to Wise’s credit, their meals do look like freeze-dried food. When he added water to the meal, it didn’t look quite much at all. He said he added boiling water to it, but it didn’t seem that hot from the video. Once the meal was rehydrated after 10 minutes, the food didn’t look much at all. The beef stroganoff was okay, although a bit on the chewy side. The teriyaki chicken was okay as well as the southwest-style chicken. He commented that this all-meat bucket will eventually make a person tired of eating because it was, well, all meat.

Others aren’t fans of the meals. They say the flavor’s off, or the texture’s not satisfactory. Some said hot water wasn’t enough. You need to cook the meal because some were still crunchy and dry, especially the rice.

Should I buy Wise Freeze Dried Food?

If you want something to fill your stomach in times of emergency, you can count on Wise Company freeze dried food. They have just the right portions to help you stay nourished during emergencies. With the packaging portioned to lessen food wastage, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

What we did notice, though, is that the 3-month supply is expensive compared to Patriot. For example, Patriot’s 1-year supply costs $2,987 while Wise Company’s Ultimate 3-month package costs $4,321.99. True that this bundle is good for 2 people, but it’s still too expensive compared to others. Probably also because of the included bug-out bag that comes with it.

Still, it’s something worth stocking your pantry in case of emergencies. Especially when you’re in a place where the climate can be crazy. Like what happened recently in Florida with Hurricane Ian.

How about you? What’s your take on Wise Freeze Dried Food that you’re interested the company? Share your thoughts, questions, and experience with us in the comment section!

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