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Food insecurity can happen anytime and anywhere. The best thing that we can do is to always be prepared, especially when it comes to food. Today we’ll review My Patriot freeze dried food and see how it holds up. Both on the keen eye and taste of the public and experts in emergency food preparedness.

What is My Patriot?

My Patriot is among the famous brands of emergency food suppliers. The company was created by a group of people who has a passion for self-sufficiency and independence.

The company made it their business to practice emergency preparedness. They are also active participants in the survivalist lifestyle. They believe that “true freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance.” Because of this, My Patriot not only offers freeze-dried food. They also provide survival items like emergency lights, medical kits, seeds, and air purification devices.

When you look at their website, you’ll also see several blogs about survival scout preparedness tips. They provide practical survival tips both in the city or when you’re out camping. Certainly worth the read if you’re out to build your knowledge about emergency preparedness.

What are the My Patriot Freeze Dried Food items available?

The company claims they’re the original and largest “patriot” survival company. They’re certainly serious about this because there are so many options to choose from. For freeze-dried food items, you can get:

  • White chicken meat
  • Beef dices
  • Brocolli
  • Green beans
  • Blueberries
  • Corn
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Franklin’s Finest Coffee


You can get these in case packs where the food is given in large quantities but in 4 or 6 individual bags. Ideal when you’re going to stock freeze-dried food for short emergencies. There are also #10 cans for people with big appetites and families.

Kits & Mix

Kits are also available if you prefer not to think about how to mix and match your freeze-dried food. The kits and mixes you can get are

  • MEGA protein Kit
  • Ultimate breakfast kit
  • Fruit, Veggie & Snack mix
  • Breakfast lovers

Emergency Food Supply

Now, if you’re serious about survival preparedness, My Patriot also offers several options

  • 1-week food supply ammo can
  • 2-week emergency food supply
  • 3-month emergency food supply
  • 4-week emergency food supply
  • 6-month emergency food supply
  • 1-year emergency food supply

my patriot freeze dried food kit selections

These packs are designed to give 2,000 calories per day and are designed to last for 25 years*. If you’re looking at the kits and thinking you might get tired of eating the same thing over and over again, it’s understandable. Food boredom is real, and only companies serious about survival know this. That’s why My Patriot made sure that you get 8 to 20+ food varieties.

*Must meet ideal storage conditions

Best Sellers

So far, the best sellers on the website are their 27-hour kit sample pack that gives 200+ calories a day. Here you can get homestyle potato soup, maple grove oatmeal, crunchy chicken flavored rice, and mac& cheese. This contains 20 servings of storable food good for one person. The kit gives you 2,000 calories/day and is good to last a person for three days.

How Much Does My Patriot Freeze Dried Food Cost?

What sets them apart, according to some reviewers, is the price.

The freeze-dried case packs can cost you from $24.95-$47.95. But the entire case pack selection wich includes BBQ baked beans, soups, scrambled eggs, and other food items, cost $22.95-$187.80.

The Fruit and veggie kits (including a 4-part salad sprouting seeds mix) costs $8.99-$95.80

The meat and protein kits cost $3.79-$187.80

The special emergency food kits, such as rotation bars, condiments, and emergency water pouches, including the MEGA survival kit, costs $8.95-$1,416.85.

For large families, there are large #10 cans that cost $12.95-$230.40.

If you want to buy short-term food storage that can last you for 3 days to 4 weeks, you’ll be spending $24.95 to $297.00

For long-term food storage, expend to spend $59.95-$2,487.00

my patriot short and long term freeze dried food options

What Are People Saying About My Patriot Freeze Dried Food?

Almost everyone who ordered on the website got their supply delivered promptly. Some had their order shipped within 2 hours after ordering. Some received their order days after completing the payment.

The freeze-dried fruits are great; some can’t even stop eating them after tasting a bag. Some love adding it to their cereals, and they can still feed their family in case of an emergency.

Even the freeze-dried vegetables tasted great. Customers appreciate that they taste “real” when used for cooking.

It’s true, though, that most who bought food items in My Patriot Supply haven’t tried them. They do like that the containers (especially the kits) are stackable and easy to store. All of them only experienced the best customer service and said the staff is always professional to deal with.

Rare would you find 1-star reviews on the website, but they are quite heavy in their concerns. One said that their digestive wasn’t able to tolerate the heaviness of the black bean soup. As for the kits, some said it was almost all carbs, and we agree. Some got their order with the container broken, which is not suitable for long-term storage.

Should I Buy My Patriot Freeze Dried Food?

The products are definitely less compared to other food survival kits like Readywise and Backpacker’s Pantry. The thousands of 5-star reviews are also enough to convince us that this company is worth doing business with.

This is highly recommended if you’re looking for an affordable short- or long-term food supply to fill your pantry for emergencies. If you’re on the fence about whether to trust the company, then you can order the 3-day kits to see if it fits you.

What makes you think about buying My Patriot freeze-dried food? And have you tried them and wish to find reviews to compare your experience? Let us know your story in the comment section.

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