How To Freeze-Dry Laffy Taffy

How To Freeze-Dry Laffy Taffy

Freeze Dried Candy

Laffy Taffy is often categorized as a caramel candy, but it’s far from it. Instead, the candy is a chewy, gummy candy with a bright, fruity flavor. Unfortunately, however, it’s so chewy and gummy that it gets stuck between your teeth, potentially ruining your dentist’s good work. That’s why we’ll talk about how to freeze-dry Laffy Taffy and turn it into a sweet, crunchy treat.

How Do I Prepare Laffy Taffy for Freeze Drying

Like Nerd Clusters, Milk Duds, and Bit-O-Honey, Laffy Taffy expands insanely. The candy must be cut down in half (quarters is best if you could do it) to make it easier to eat. The smaller they start, the better your eating experience will be.

As the Laffy Taffy pieces expand, they turn super crunchy. So the smaller they are, the better eating experience you’ll get.

Do I Need To Pre-Freeze?

Pre-freezing is not necessary for candies, especially for Laffy Taffy. Candies like this one are better to work with when soft and warm.

How To Freeze Dry Laffy Taffy

There are now two versions of software available for Harvest Right Freeze Dryers. This guide will discuss how to freeze-dry Laffy Taffy on those two different software versions.

Version 5.x.145

The settings for this version aren’t too complicated and easy to do.

  1. Turn on your freeze-dryer and select “CUSTOMIZE”.
  2. On the next screen, use these settings;
    1. Initial freeze: 0F (freezing isn’t necessary for Laffy Taffy)
    2. Extra Dry Time: 2:30 (this will be the only dry time you’ll get on this cycle).
    3. Dry Temperature: 145F (or 63C if you set your freeze dryer to Celsius).
  3. Press “SAVE > START”.
  4. Let the chamber precool for 15 minutes or until it reaches 0°F.
  5. Close the drain valve and load the trays when the unit tells you to.
  6. Close the chamber door and check that there’s a dry seal around the ring.
  7. When the process is complete, select “WARM TRAYS”. This will prevent condensation from forming and ruining your freeze-dried Laffy Taffy.
  8. Open the drain valve slowly and open the door to check on the candies.

As a side note, be there when the warming cycle ends. Because when the trays are done warming, the unit is going to cool down again and make your trays cold.

Candy Mode for Version 5.x.19 or Higher Software

You have more room to customize the settings and activate Candy Mode.

  1. Turn on the freeze-dryer and select “CUSTOMIZE”.
  2. On the next screen, set the following:
    1. Initial freeze: 0F
    2. Extra Freeze Time: 0:00
    3. Dry Temp: 145F (you should see Candy/High Temperature Mode on display)
    4. Dry Mode: Normal
    5. Extra Dry Time: 2:00-2:30 (this will be the only dry time in the cycle.
  3. Press “SAVE > START”.
  4. Let the unit cool for 15 minutes or until it reaches your “Initial Freeze” temperature setting.
  5. After your unit precools, it will tell you to turn on “CANDY PROCESS” and close the drain valve.
  6. Load the trays and close the chamber door. Make sure that there’s a solid seal around the ring.
  7. Press “CONTINUE”.
  8. On the WARM TRAYS screen, you can choose “SKIP” if you prefer not to warm the trays.
  9. If you want to warm the trays, press “START” and set the “ADD TIME” to 3-4 minutes. At this stage, the chamber will heat up to 145F or your preferred Dry Temp.
  10. When the process is done, it will tell you to warm the trays and open the drain valve to vent.

How Long Does It Take To Freeze-Dry Laffy Taffy?

Freeze-drying Laffy Taffy can take 9-12 hours, depending on how you set your freeze dryer. The temperature and humidity of the room can also affect the freeze-drying cycle. Of course, a newer software version is more efficient in the process.

How Will I Know That The Taffy’s Done?

Your freeze-dried Laffy Taffy should be at least double in size of your original candy. The candy should be lightweight as if you’re holding mini Styrofoam balls. When you bite into it, there’s no sticky chewiness, just a satisfying crunch.

For some, though, that crunch can be very hard. Therefore, we recommend letting the candy sit in your mouth for a few seconds before you chew on it. This is the reason why you have to process the candy as small as you possibly can.

Where Can I Buy Freeze Dried Laffy Taffy?

If your freeze dryer’s currently busy taking care of other food, then try to buy freeze-dried Laffy Taffy online. Here are some stores that you could check out:

The Freeze-Dried Candy Store Fruity Pillows

These Fruity Pillows are made from original Laffy Taffy candies. A bag of 8 bars of deliciousness can cost you $6.75.

You can get your freeze-dried Laffy Taffy delivered for a flat rate if $8.00. But if your order exceeds $75.00, they cut your shipping fee to $3.00.

Treatly Freeze Dried Cherry Laffy Taffy

If you want your partial to cherry-flavored Laffy Taffy, then go to Treaty Freeze Dried Food. The bag size is 5″ x 8″ x 2 1/2″, and it will cost you 7.00. there’s a 2-day processing time, with shipping rates depending on your order and location.

Customers who bought it are delighted with the fullness of flavor. The candy melts in your mouth and can bring back childhood memories. It’s a must-try, especially if you love cherry yogurt tubes.

The Freeze Dried Candy Company Freeze Dried “Funny Taffy Squares”

The Freeze Dried Candy Company offers freeze-dried “Funny Taffy Squares” in 4oz bags. Each bag costs $8.75 and carries about 13-15 Funny Taffy squares.

Their freeze-dried Laffy Taffy is very popular that it gets sold out fast. One customer said the flavor was out of this world. Another enjoyed the flavor explosion but most appreciative of the “may be hard on the teeth” warning in the bag. It’s light and airy, yet not so fragile that it will shatter in your bag like Junior Mints.


Freeze-dried Laffy Taffy is a great escape from the sticky, chewy, taffy goodness. It’s very easy to do, especially if you have the Candy Mode option in your Harvest Right freeze dryer.

If you prefer to buy freeze-dried Laffy Taffy online, then you can try the stores suggested above. You can also look at Etsy sellers and support small local businesses. Whatever road you choose, just remember one thing: have fun!

What got you interested in freeze-dried Laffy Taffy? Let us know in the comment section.

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