How To Freeze Dry Milk Duds

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Freeze Dried Candy

What do people often call something made to do something but failed to work? That’s right, a dud. Hoffman and Company of Chicago tried to create in 1928 a spherical, chocolate-covered caramel candy. Sadly, they couldn’t achieve the perfect shape, so they called it a Milk Dud. But just because it’s made partly with chocolate doesn’t mean that you can’t make it last for years. Today, we’ll show you how to freeze dry milk duds successfully and have a different kind of sweet, crunchy experience.

How Do I Prepare Milk Duds for freeze-drying?

Some candies like Sour Skittles and Snickers expand double their size when freeze-dried. That’s the same with Milk Duds. These candies puff up like there’s no tomorrow when subjected to high pressure. To make them easy to eat, we recommend cutting them down to bite-sized pieces.

You can, of course, eat oversized candy if that’s what you prefer. That satisfying crunch makes it addicting to eat. The sad part is that the freeze-dried candies are so crumbly they’ll make a mess each time you bite into them.

So, to make eating more enjoyable, cut the candies in half. You can use kitchen shears or a knife if you prefer. Kitchen shears are good for less cleanup since you can cut the candies directly on top of the freeze-drying trays.

Line the trays with parchment paper too. These candies will stick while you’re freeze-drying, so parchment paper can help

Do I Pre-Freeze Milk Duds Before Freeze Drying?

Pre-freezing candies are optional since they don’t have a lot of water in them. But if you have something going on in your freeze dryer, nothing wrong with putting the candies in deep freeze.

Use the same trays in which you’ll be freeze-drying the candy to keep the chamber environment stable.

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How To Freeze Dry Milk Duds

If you got a Harvest Right freeze dryer, it’s easy to freeze dry Milk Duds for a wonderful snack.

  1. Turn on the machine and press “START > NON-LIQUID > NON-FROZEN”.
  2. For frozen candy, give your unit 15-30 minutes to pre-cool by choosing “FROZEN”. It should be -8°F (-22 °C) or colder than your frozen candy.
  3. When the unit is ready, close the drain valve and load the trays. Make sure that the candies have enough space between them. Cramming the candies won’t yield satisfying results.
  4. Press “CONTINUE” and let the machine do its work.

How Long Do Freeze Drying Milk Duds Take?

The process can take about 16-24 hours, or a bit longer if you’ve got some other food items freeze-drying with the candies.

How Do I Know I’ve Freeze-Dried Properly?

The candy should be fluffy and double in size. Inspect the candy while the trays are still warm to see if there are cold spots. If you find some candy still cold to the touch and a bit soft or gummy, give the trays some 2-3 hours of extra dry time.

You can also do a taste test. The freeze-dried Milk Duds should be light, airy, and crumbly. They’re also almost twice as sweet as original ones but with a satisfying crunch.

How Long Do Freeze-Dried Milk Duds Last?

Since the candies are coated with chocolate, they won’t last as long as Airheads and Bit-O-Honey. Freeze-dried Milk Duds can last 10-15 years as long as they’re stored properly.

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Where Can I Buy Freeze Dried Milk Duds?

A few places come to mind if you’d rather buy freeze-dried Milk Duds.

Sweety Treaty Co.

This family-owned street shop has six candy-crazy critics who make sure you only get the best, sweetest treat.

Their Freeze Dried Milk Duds cost $7.49, and they ship across the US. Customers love the caramel flavor and say they’re absolutely heavenly. They’re light, airy, and melt in your mind. It’s so addicting, a customer religiously buys this every time she gets paid.

Treatly Freeze Dried Food

The good thing about this company is that they also ship to Canada. This is the best way to test a company’s freeze-drying process. Imagine having your freeze-dried Milk Duds stuck in transport for a month. If it gets to you whole, then you know the company’s doing something right.

Space Sweets CO Etsy

This shop has 401 reviews, and 63 of them are for their freeze-dried Milk Duds.

A customer recalled his dislike for ordinary Milk Duds because they get stuck on his dentures. But he’s so happy he could eat his favorite candy again without worrying about this. He even added the crumbled freeze-dried candy on ice cream for another layer of flavor and texture.

There are other shops, but so far, these are the ones that deliver. The comments from customers are great, and the transaction is pretty simple.

Where do you plan to buy freeze-dried Milk Duds? Let us know in the comment section.

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