Where To Buy Freeze-Dried Mushrooms

Freeze Dried Vegetables

Ever experienced buying mushrooms, but they turn slimy even before you get to them? It’s a total waste of hard-earned resources and food. Thankfully, you can buy freeze-dried mushrooms online. However, not all of them are created equally. Here’s a list of brands you can choose from and what you should expect when you buy from them.

Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Mushrooms at Ready Store

You’ll see Saragota Farms as one of the brands that aim to provide shelf-stable food for the public. And one of their products is freeze-dried mushrooms.

You get the Saragota Farms freeze-dried mushroom for a single pack at a regular price of $32.99. But if you buy a 6-pack, you’ll be spending $197.99. Fortunately, Ready Store offers the freeze-dried vegetable at a sale price of $27.99m for the single and $159.39 for the 6-pack.

A pack weighs 4 oz or 115g. For a 1/4 cup (2g) serving size, you’ll get 56 servings in a pack. The pack only has mushrooms in it but is manufactured in a facility that handles soy, dairy, wheat, and tree nut products.

The freeze-dried mushroom has a shelf-life of 20-30 years. So, it’s a good and expected shelf-life for freeze-dried food, but make sure to follow the proper storage standards.

So far, there’s only one review about the product. The customer said he used to buy canned mushrooms, but they were expensive. He got a good deal with Saragota Farms freeze-dried mushrooms, as they rehydrate nicely and mix well with pasta, rice, or beef.

Mother Earth Products

Many people go to Mother Earth Products for their variety of food products and product sizes. For example, their freeze-dried mushrooms come in 2 cups, 1 full quart (Mylar or jar), as well as a 5-lb and 10-lb bulk bag.

The cost range to expect is from $8.95-$600.32. The sizes and prices are good enough to give you options for how much you need to purchase at the moment.

The mushrooms are freeze-dried in the US, non-GMO, and have zero preservatives or additives. They’re kosher and hand-packed carefully to ensure the best quality possible.

Based on the reviews, these mushrooms can undoubtedly deliver. They have a fresh, earthy taste and are fairly huge when reconstituted. The buyer also said these are better than the canned version.

One person who bought her Mother Earth Products freeze-dried mushrooms online in Walmart was disappointed. Paying $15.30 for a “softball size” container isn’t worth it. To help set your expectations, the product description said the size is 3.71 x 3.56 x 5.33 Inches. It’s small and can only hold up to 56g of freeze-dried mushrooms. This is certainly a luxury if you’re frugal and can manage your own food storage supply.

We agree, though, that if you plan to make a main meal out of it, it’s certainly not enough. But a jar can do quite nicely if you add it to soups, sauces, and stir-fried veggies. With their solid taste, a verified buyer said just a few would do nicely.

Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Mushroom Slices

If you want bigger portions for a cheaper price, then go for Emergency Essentials. A #10 can with a net weight of 4 oz (113 g) costs $19.99. Certainly cheaper compared to Mother Earth Products. With 57 servings, you can certainly say the purchase is worth it.

The product is made and packed for long-term storage. It has a shelf life of up to 30 years. Those who tried the product said these tasted as good as fresh mushrooms. A buyer said they tested other brands but kept returning to Emergency Essentials. The texture is also great and a suitable complement to sauces and steaks. If you’re a fan of egg omelets, then you should try adding these to your recipe.

So far, very few have had issues with shipping when it comes to Emergency Essentials. Some described their shipping as “rocket-fast”, with customer service consistently dependable.

North Bay Trading Co.

If you’re fond of package sizing options, North Bay Trading Co. is another brand to look out for. Not only do they offer cauliflower and celery. They also provide freeze-dried mushrooms in 1 oz, 1.7 oz, 1 lb., 6 lb., and 9.9 lb. sizes. Price range is from $6.37-$359.20, which is twice as more affordable than Mother Earth Products.

As of the publishing of this blog, however, they only have the smallest size available. So, if you prefer to buy frozen-dried mushroom wholesale, you’re more than welcome to email them.

As for the customer reviews, most are positive. The freeze-dried mushrooms go well with soups, omelets, and stir-fry. They hold their texture and flavor well when sauteed in butter. A customer said they’re good to kickstart his keto diet. It’s the next best thing when you don’t have fresh mushrooms to cook with.


Buying freeze-dried mushrooms may seem like a luxurious expense. But what if you add up all those fresh mushroom purchases you didn’t use because they spoiled easily? That’s more money wasted compared to buying a can of freeze-dried mushrooms that can stay edible on your shelf sans cold storage for 20-30 years. In addition, they’re more reliable and can easily be counted on for hard times.

We recommend you get freeze-dried mushrooms that will match your needs. Small pouches are good for portion control. Big containers, on the other hand, are excellent for preparing large meals for families with big appetites.

Which brand are you leaning towards, and why? Let us know in the comment section.

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