Where to Buy Freeze-Dried Celery

Where to Buy Freeze-Dried Celery

Freeze Dried Vegetables

Freeze-dried celery is a life-saver whenever the price of celery is way outside your budget. Also, a good alternative when you can’t find fresh ones in the store. We can’t count how many times we had to postpone soup night because there was no celery everywhere. Here’s where you can buy freeze-dried celery to have a ready handful whenever you need it.

Thrive Life

Thrive Life is a company that understands the importance of food for everyone. Their mission is to help have a thriving life by eliminating the stress of food prep.

Thrive Life freeze-dried celery comes in a #10 can. You only get Grade A products that are non-GMO and have no artificial flavors. It may seem a lot if you think you’re single or don’t eat too much food. But a customer attests to saving on food purchases and waste because it’s shelf-stable. It’s good for snacking, and what’s more – no chopping!


Honeyville is one of the popular brands for stocking shelf-stable food. Their freeze-dried celery has an ideal balance of sweet and tart, making it a great ingredient for pot roasts, soups, casseroles, and more.

Having this in your pantry helps save you trips to the grocery store. One can is good enough to last you a good full year of use. A customer had a delightful discovery of using this to replace breadcrumbs for wheat-free Italian meatballs.

True, the product doesn’t rehydrate to the fresh celery you’re used to. But the convenience and versatility far outweigh this little sacrifice in texture.

North Bay

According to a satisfied cook, North Bay freeze-dried celery is way better than the air-dried version. Those who tried rehydrating dried celery find it doesn’t freeze dry fast enough or ends up chewy. But with freeze-dried celery, the texture doesn’t become soggy even if it rehydrates quickly.

The freeze-dried vegetable is perfect for meals in a jar or salads. What we don’t like about North Bay is that they don’t have enough reviews about their freeze-dried celery. We did find one negative review that says it’s not fit to eat because of the taste. But if you want to try this brand, get the ones in mini foil bags before ordering in bulk.

Ready Harvest

Ready Harvest is another known company that offers freeze-dried whole foods. Most people who buy this freeze-dried celery pair it with Augason Farms Vegetable Stew Blend.

The freeze-dried aromatic comes in a #10 can with a resealable lid. You can use it to add flavor to your meals or as a nutritious and tasty snack.

It’s available on Amazon, but there are no reviews about how the brand delivers. But if you want to try other brands and see which one will suit you best, you could test this out.

Emergency Essentials

Last on our list of brands for buying freeze-dried celery is Emergency Essentials. This brand is popular for budget-friendly emergency food. You’ll mostly find emergency food kits, but they also offer freeze-dried vegetables in #10 cans.

Interestingly enough, you can’t find Emergency Essentials freeze-dried celery on their website. It’s offered by JPH Arms for $23.95 per can. There are no reviews about this, so we can’t say if it’s a good buy or not.

If these brands are a bit pricey, how about making your own freeze-dried celery?

Can You Freeze Dry Celery At Home?

With a Harvest Right freeze dryer, you most certainly can. The company designed their freeze dryers to make them accessible for households. It’s easy to operate and use for people who want to build a healthy, safe, and high-quality food storage supply.

This is a great option when you find a fantastic deal for celery in your local grocery. If you love celery but hesitate to stock up because it spoils easily, then freeze-drying’s your answer. Whether you’re stocking up for long-term storage or on-demand use for a year, it works.

How Do I Prepare Celery For Freeze Drying?

Separate the stalks and wash each rib thoroughly to remove all the dirt. Take out the stringy ends and dispose. For the thin stalks and leaves, you can puree them to make freeze-dried celery powder.

After cleaning and trimming, dry the ribs thoroughly on paper towels. Cut the celery into small pieces, depending on the size you prefer. The smaller they are, the easier they will be to rehydrate.

How To Freeze Dry Celery

Should I Pre-Freeze?

Pre-freezing is an option but it can help with your freeze-drying process. Celery is made of almost 95% water, which makes pre-freezing beneficial for your machine.

When you pre-freeze celery, your trays, and freeze dryer should also be cold. For the chamber, let your machine pre-cool until it’s at -8°F (-22 °C) or lower. When everything’s cold, you have a stable environment that makes freeze-drying efficient.

How To Freeze Dry Celery

The beauty of having a Harvest Right freeze dryer is it makes freeze-drying so effortless.

  1. Turn on the machine and press “START > NON-LIQUID”.
  2. Select “NOT-FROZEN” for room-temperature celery, or “FROZEN” for frozen ones.
  3. Close the drain valve when the machine tells you to and load the trays.
  4. Press “CONTINUE” and you’re free to walk away. It would take about 16-36 hours, depending on several conditions like food amount and room temperature.


Freeze-dried celery can serve its purpose in several ways. Stocking up will help save you tedious trips to the grocery and even save you money. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about prep time and making a mess in the kitchen.

When you buy your freeze-dried celery, check the label to see the shelf-life. Properly freeze-dried aromatics should stay edible for 25 years or more. If you make your own, it can last the same time as long as you store them properly.

Where do you plan to use your freeze-dried celery? Let us know in the comment section below.

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