Augason Farms Freeze Dried Food Review

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When times are uncertain, you need something to back you up. And that’s what Augason Farms freeze dried food is for. Let’s take a look at how this company started, what they offer, and what people say about their food.

What is Augason Farms?

The company started with Morning Moo’s in 1972. Fast track several years later, they now offer over 130 shelf-stable food and water products. According to the website, the company focuses on “quality, flavor, and nutrition,” with food all made to the highest standards. Their goal is to provide “shelf-stable delicious meals for life’s unknowns.”

The website is easy to navigate, and there are some great recipes to try out. Great resource if you’re looking for creative ways to use your freeze-dried food.


What Are The Available Augason Farms Freeze Dried Food Selections?

Variety is the name of the game with Augason Farms. There are so many freeze-dried food options to choose from, and these are:

  • Shredded Colby cheese
  • Fruits (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, mango)
  • Vegetables (corn, peas, broccoli)
  • Meats and proteins (white chicken meat, freeze-dried beef, meals with freeze-dried chicken & beef)
  • Eggs and dairy
  • Baking mixes & staples
  • Soups and entrees

These come in #10 cans and in varying weights depending on the food product. There are also some kits that you can purchase for emergencies. But one thing you should consider is that Augason Farms also offer dehydrated food. So if you’re going to get the kits, you’ll likely get other food that’s been dehydrated instead of freeze-dried.

different types of augason farms freeze dried food

How Much Do The Freeze Dried Food Cost?

The freeze-dried fruits and veggies cost from $34.99-$69.99. If you’re going to get the variety pails, it will cost you $184.99-$187.99.

For Colby cheese, you’ll be spending $59.99. The rest of the eggs and dairy (which aren’t freeze-dried) will cost you $32.99-$115.99

Freeze-dried white chicken meat costs $99.99, while freeze-dried beef costs $103.99. There are other protein food options which will cost you $19.99-$65.99.

The emergency kits cost from $20.99-$199.99

What’s Good About Augason Farms?

Food packets come with instructions on how to prepare them. No guesswork on how much water to use or how long you should cook your meals. This is good to help kids learn how to prepare food for emergencies.

Portioning is not a problem when you buy Augason Farms freeze dried food. The sizes are adequate, and there’s a complete calorie list to help you plan your meals. Some people say this is especially helpful when you need to budget your meals.

The kits are also stored in food-grade BPA-free containers. You can use the pail to store water or other food items. They’re stackable, too, so you can easily organize your pantry.

As for the kits, you’ll see that the packs contain instructions on how to cook for individual servings. No more guesswork when it comes to cooking individual servings.

Food also has a 10-25-year shelf life. This is because Augason Farms also offers dehydrated food with a shorter shelf life.

What Are The Cons When You Order Augason Farms Freeze Dried Food?

Preparing the meals require a bit of time. Yes, you can eat the freeze-dried fruits as is, but the meals are another matter. You need to cook it for 20 minutes. Not just add boiling water. This means you need water and fuel to get your meal ready for eating.

Some kits are also loaded with carbs. If you’re a protein lover, the kits are going to be somewhat lacking. But if you’re after energy and calories, then the kits will be more than sufficient to stave off hunger.

What Are People Saying About Augason Farms Freeze Dried Food

Once you cook the food, they look like, well, real food! If you’re going to serve this to your guests, they won’t even know that they came from a pack. It’s not chef’s grade or your mom’s cooking, but they’re good! Kind of like what a college kid would prepare after 2-3 months of learning how to cook.

Now for the egg powder. We know that this is hit-and-miss for some emergency food companies. On first glance, the powder’s got this beautiful egg yolk color. They look like real eggs while reconstituting and cooking. If you’re a fan of eggs and you cook this, you won’t know the difference. They smell and taste like eggs. Kids like it, so it’s a good thing to add to your shelf for emergencies.

If you’re not a fan of the carb-loaded kits, then you should check out Mountain House. Their kits contain meat and protein that saw a person through for 3 months after an earthquake.

As for the individual cans of freeze-dried food, some were left disappointed. The cans do have a weight measurement on the labels, yes. But some were expecting that the cans would at least be filled properly. One customer weighed the can she got and showed it was lacking several grams.

 Augason Farms Freeze Dried Food Review Summary

If you’re looking for a way to stock up and want to do it cost-effectively, then you should try Augason Farms freeze-dried food. The kits got a lot of food crammed into one bucket, so they’re worth the purchase. But some meals do need quite a bit of time and fuel to prepare. If you need to conserve fuel, there are other brand options for a filling meal.

Have you tried Augason Farms freeze dried food? Let us know in the comment section!

We’ll also soon have video reviews of freeze-dried food, so follow us in our Freeze Dried Guide YouTube Channel!

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