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Butter is one of the hardest, if not close to impossible, to freeze dry because of its high fat content. A stick of your average American butter has about 80% butterfat, so about a tablespoon (14 grams) of dairy has 11.52 grams of fat. But that doesn’t mean that because you can’t freeze-dry it at home, you can’t stock up on it. Here are some brands that you can count on when you want to buy freeze-dried butter.

Emergency Food  by Convar Butter Powder

You can buy freeze-dried butter by Emergency Food from Freezedried & Co. This powdered dairy comes in a 100% recyclable tin can and has 220 g of unsalted butter powder. You can store it for 15 years, unopened and 6-12 months after opening.

It’s easy to prepare and a whole tin can only needs 150 mL of water. Then, once rehydrated, you have 325g of unsalted butter to use for your recipes.

Augason Farms Butter Powder

Aguason Farms has made a name for themselves in terms of food preparedness. Just like with their other freeze-dried food products, their freeze-dried diary doesn’t disappoint.

A lot of people appreciate the fact that Augason Farms is able to deliver their orders on time. Many bought this for emergency storage and haven’t opened their cans. However, those who did use their Augason Farms freeze-dried butter were happy with the flavor.

Some people say that Augason Farms’ freeze-dried butter tastes like the real one. A customer used it as a seasoning for air-frying potato wedges, mushrooms, and broccoli, all of which came out great.

Another customer said the can was bought in December 2020, and it was still good to use in October 2022. It’s really worth having on hand in case you run out of dairy or when butter is hard to come by.

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Ready Hour Freeze Dried Butter Powder

Ready Hour is another reputable brand for long-term food storage, and you can trust them for your freeze-dried butter powder.

You can get the butter powder in #10 cans that contain close to 204 servings. All you need is 1/4 gallon of water to prepare the whole can. Stored in a cool, dry location that has a temp between 55°F to 70°F (13°C-21°C), you have diary for emergencies to last you 10 years.

Ready Wise Butter Powder

If you love using butter on toast, waffles, and pancakes, you’ll love ReadyWise Simple Kitchen butter powder.

IT’s made in the USA and comes in a #10 can with 204 servings. You can use it on any recipe that calls for butter, like sauces, soups, and mashed potatoes. You can even use it as a seasoning over cooked vegetables, popcorn, and baked potatoes.

It’s also easy to prepare, needing very minimal amounts of water. For example, you only need 1 1/2 cups of water to reconstitute 1/2 cup of powder for a spreadable mixture. If you want flavored dairy, throw in some parmesan cheese and garlic powder with herbs of your choice.

Heaven’s Harvest

If you have a family who loves butter or is crazy over baked goods, then enjoy the 204 servings by Heaven’s Harvest.

Unlike Emergency Food, Heaven’s Harvest has a 10-year shelf-life. Preparation is also easy. You need only 1 1/2 tbsp of water with 1/2 cup of dairy powder, and you have a delicious spread for pancakes, toast, and steamed veggies.

Saratoga Farms Powdered Powder

Saragota Farms powdered butter comes in #10 cans that can give you 204 servings. That’s equivalent to 31 sticks of dairy in a can. Imagine occupying a large space in your cold storage for that amount of dairy product? Wouldn’t it be better to have it in a can and save that space for other nutritious food for your family?

Saragota Farms’ powdered dairy can last for 10 years. It’s ideal to use for cooking and baking delicious meals for your family. However, it’s not recommended to use as spread for pancakes and toast.

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Does Freeze Dried Butter Taste Like Butter?

Freeze-dried butter, in a way, tastes close to the flavor of real dairy. You won’t get that creamy, full-blown dairy flavor you’re used to. Also, the taste is going to vary from brand to brand.

But you won’t even notice the difference when you’re in an emergency situation. Of course, if you taste it at home and everything’s normal, you’ll certainly notice the slight deviation in flavor. But when you’re roughing it out and facing a crisis, freeze-dried dairy powder will be a welcomed luxury. Also, if you overload your pancakes and toast with jam or syrup, you won’t even note the difference.

The texture is also going to be far from the smooth, thick, and creamy consistency of real butter. You can get close to the consistency by letting it stand for a few minutes after adding and mixing water. Let the powder absorb the water, then mix it to incorporate further. The closest creamy texture that you’ll get is similar to whipping cream.

Can I Use It Like Regular Butter?

Depending on the brand, you can use freeze-dried butter as a spread on toast, but not for cooking veggies. Others say theirs are great for cooking but not advisable to use as a spread.

This is because, although spreadable, freeze-dried butter doesn’t melt like regular dairy. Yes, even after reconstituting. You can add it as an ingredient for baked goods, yes. But if you’re going to use it to sear a steak or broil bread, you will be disappointed.

What’s great about it is that you’re free to experiment to see how you can use it to your preference.

Are you going to buy freeze-dried butter for long-term emergency storage or as an on-demand backup? Let us know in the comment section.

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