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So Natural freeze dried fruit piqued our interest because it’s inexpensive. So we took a closer look to see what else draws people to it and if the price is worth the spend.

What Is So Natural?

So Natural is one of the hundreds of brands by Transnational Foods. This company caters to leading supermarkets, as well as dollar stores. Which is probably why you’ll see the So Natural mostly in The Dollar Tree.

They created So Natural to bring natural inspiring flavors to consumers. How? By using food products sourced from all over the world. As for a deeper story behind the brand, there’s nothing more about it that you can get from the website.

What Are The So Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Types Available?

So Natural offers the following freeze-dried fruits:

  • Strawberries (whole)
  • Apple slices
  • Peach slices
  • Banana slices
  • Mixed fruits (has strawberries, bananas, and mulberry slices)

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According to the label, the fruits came from the freshest harvest from the farm. Unfortunately, the bag only contains 100% freeze-dried fruit and doesn’t contain any preservatives. The apples, strawberries, and mixed fruits, though, come with added sugar. Kind of a letdown since most of the freeze-dried fruits we reviewed so far don’t have sugar in them.

The freeze-dried fruits are all gluten-free, non-GMO, and recommended for vegans. There are also instructions on how to store it. According to the brand, the freeze-dried fruit is best consumed after opening. So once you pop the bag, you should eat all the contents within the day, or at least 6 hours.

The bags, though, are quite small. A package has about 0.6 oz or 17g worth of freeze dried product. Certainly not enough to fill a hungry stomach with just 60 calories per serving.

How Much Is So Natural Freeze Dried Fruit?

This costs $1.25 in the Dollar Tree. But if you want to have the convenience of delivery, Amazon sells it at $6.95 per bag.

What Are People Saying About So Natural Freeze Dried Fruit?

Opening the bag greets your nose with this mouthwatering aroma of sweet fruit. Most people, hands down, say the smell is just amazing. But, the scent is just like what you’ll get from fresh fruit that’s ripe for eating.

A YouTuber stated one exciting feedback. She said that So Natural freeze dried fruit doesn’t have that weird taste. Ever eaten a freeze-dried food brand, and you got this cardboardy, stale flavor? This one doesn’t have that. For her, the brand rocks because the taste is so natural. It’s got that crunch that makes junk food so satisfying but without the high sodium and fat. For her, you get this experience of you’re like eating candy – but you’re eating something healthier.

Others make this their healthy go-to snack while working in the office or watching TV at home. Some even bring a bag (or two) with them when they go camping or hiking.

Another YouTuber, though, wasn’t a happy camper. She loved the apples, saying she finished the whole bag before she did the review. However, for her, it felt like she was “biting on Styrofoam.” She’s not a fan of the peaches, and she’s more than willing to throw away the bananas.

so natural freeze dried fruit apple

Should I Get This?

If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable freeze-dried fruit, you certainly can try out So Nice. We would recommend, though, that you get yours in Dollar Tree because it’s cheaper there. As one reviewer said, buying such a small pack in Amazon was like a rip-off. For such a small price, one shouldn’t expect too much. This isn’t like ALDI which has 1.2 oz or 34g of freeze-dried fruit in a bag.

There’s one thing we’re sure of, though. This bag is made for those looking for a healthy snack while on a strict diet. You certainly can’t rely on this one to help fill you up in times of food crisis.

Looking at the slices, especially the apples, we could say they’re fairly large compared to most. A reviewer showed an apple slice almost as big as the palm of her hand. Usually, you’ll see small, crescent-shaped slices of freeze-dried fruits in the market. But this one packs in big ones.

Still, not all freeze-dried fruits have equal sizes. True, there’s breakage and stuff like that happening, but this one is different. You’ll really see the size difference when you open the bag. The strawberries are also huge. If you’re used to sliced strawberries, you’ll be surprised with this one. It’s great if you’re a strawberry lover. But crunching on the whole fruit can be overwhelming if you’re not that crazy about strawberries.

Another thing we’re not happy about is the added sugar. Freeze-dried fruit was made as a healthier alternative to dehydrated fruits. Freeze drying preserves as much as 90% of the nutrients in food. Adding sugar may enhance the flavor, but it defeats the purpose of providing a healthy snack to everyone.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack on a budget, we certainly recommend So Natural freeze-dried fruit. They’re great to eat, and one can certainly eat a whole bag in one sitting because of the low volume. But if you want something long-term, better get other ones with more fruit content.

What makes you interested in So Natural freeze dried fruit? Is it the flavor or because you can get it in a dollar store? Let us know in the comment section!

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