Top 9 Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Fruit

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Freeze Dried Fruits

Almost every single fruit on the planet is ripe and juicy for the picking every summer. Which means this is the best time to go ahead and freeze dry your favorite fruits! But what are the benefits of freeze dried fruit?

Excellent Flavor

Nothing beats the flavor of freeze-dried fruits when it comes to preserved fruits. Lyophilization, or the act of freeze drying, preserves food by removing water from a solid (ice) state to gas (water vapor). The process happens in a vacuum environment, locking in the flavors.

The result is that you get twice the flavor of the fruit. Since there’s no heat involved, the flavor compounds don’t change, so you get the authentic taste of the fruit.

Low In Calories

One of the popular benefits of freeze-dried fruit is that it’s low on calories. If you look closely at the freeze-dried fruit packages’ labels, you’ll see they have a low calorie count. On average, a 10-gram serving has less than 40 calories. This is because freeze-dried fruits don’t need additional sweeteners or preservatives.

Are you watching your weight or in a strict calorie count and craving a sweet snack? Then freeze-dried fruit is a healthy option for you.

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Benefits Of Freeze Dried Fruit: Preparation

You don’t need to do a lot of ceremonies when you want your freeze-dried fruit fix. You can just eat the fruit as is without having to rehydrate it. And because it’s crunchy and crumbly, it’s easy to just buzz it in the food processor and make a powder.

If you want to bring it back to its original form, all you have to do is add in water. Room temperature is enough, so this is very convenient if you don’t have any heat source.


You can do almost everything with freeze-dried fruit! Yup. You’re not just limited to eating it straight out of the bag.

You can add it to your morning cereal for added flavor and texture. They’re also good for salads for an added crunch if you don’t want to use croutons. If you want the fruits soft and supple, then let the freeze-dried fruit soak in your favorite dressing for a while, then mix it in your salad.

Love to bake? Then you can add it to your recipe! Add in more water of liquid because the fruit is going to suck in a significant amount of fluid.

If you love drinks, then you’re going to love freeze-dried fruit. You can grind it to make a refreshing drink with a natural flavor. Or enhance your drink with cubes or slices of freeze-dried fruit.

You really have different ways to get creative.

Long Shelf-Life

This is one of the best benefits of freeze-dried fruit that many are so happy about. If you store it in Mylar bags properly with an oxygen absorber, it should last for 25+ years. This is in theory, of course, but it can be easily achieved as long as you meet the following storage conditions:

  • Temperatures not exceeding 72°F (22°C). Others like Augason Farms recommend no higher than 70°F (21°C).
  • Low moisture or humidity levels – moisture can ruin even a perfectly freeze-dried fruit in so many ways. The room should be kept dry with humidity levels lower than 40%.
  • Dim lighting – storage should be free from sunlight or any other source of light.
  • Draft free – air, specifically oxygen, can hasten the spoilage of food.

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Travel Friendly

Ever tried eating a peach, pineapple, or strawberry while driving? Kind of messy, isn’t it? Plus, packing fresh fruits can take space and weight in your luggage!

Not going to be an issue with freeze-dried fruit. It’s lightweight, and if packed in Mylar bags, you can bring them with you almost everywhere. Very ideal if you’re always on the go, or if you’re hiking/camping.

Also, you don’t need anything to enjoy the fruit that you love. Just open the pack, eat, and have fun with it. You don’t need paper towels to clean up afterward.

Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Fruit: As Nutritious As Fresh Ones

We love fruit because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Nothing beats having nutrients the way nature intends it to be. One of the benefits of freeze-dried fruit is that it has 90% the same nutrients as fresh ones.

This is because, unlike dehydration and canning, freeze drying doesn’t use heat. Most nutrients are destroyed or degraded at high temperatures. Because this form of preservation use low temperatures, the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients stay as they are.

This is very beneficial for those who need healthy food options. It can help you if you’re after a well-balanced diet.

High In Fiber

Fiber is important for good digestive health. It helps you regulate your cholesterol levels and help your heart stay healthy. And if you snack on freeze-dried fruit? It will help you avoid craving junk food and maintain a healthy diet schedule.

Low In Fat

Another on the list of benefits of freeze dried fruit is its low in fat. Unlike chips and fries, you won’t have to worry about clogging your arteries when you snack on it. So you don’t have to worry if you finish a bag or two in one sitting.

There are many benefits of freeze dried fruit that makes it the best snack of choice. The flavors are excellent, giving you twice the punch. It doesn’t need a lot of preparation to eat, and you can use it in just about any recipe. It’s rich in nutrition, and low in calories and fat, so it’s a really healthy option to add to your diet. It’s very nutritious and also high in fiber, making it ideal for those who need a well-balanced diet.

What’s your favorite among the list of benefits of freeze dried fruit? Let us know in the comment section!

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