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Emergencies can happen anytime, and it can happen to anyone. And if there’s anything we learned from the past three years? Is that long-term food storage isn’t just for the military and the preppers. Food insecurity can happen during floods, earthquakes, epidemics, and tornados. That’s why being prepared for emergency situations can help take away a huge load of stress. Here’s our list of the top 3 best freeze dried emergency food you can stock up on and rely on for you and your family.

augason farms emergency food cans

Augason Farms

When other companies offer meals for convenience, Augason Farms focuses on variety. One of the challenges of living in an emergency situation is food fatigue. This happens when you eat the same thing over and over again. By offering individual ingredients, you can create variety and look forward to an enjoyable meal.


  • Great selection for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters
  • Low prices for a la carte ingredients
  • Pre-packed meals available
  • Long-term and short-term food solutions available
  • Individual ingredients give you the freedom to create your own menu
  • Affordable
  • Can be repacked in resealable #10 cans



  • No direct sales through their website
  • Need to plan effectively to get the full advantage of the individual ingredients

readywise packs


Not only does Wise Company (ReadyWise) offer Grab-and-Go Food Kits for hiking and camping. The company also specializes in offering freeze dried survival packs and emergency supplies. What also sets them apart is that they’re the company that offers emergency pet kits for our faithful dogs and cats.


  • You can order directly on their website
  • Survival packs cut out the planning for your meals.
  • The company also offers solar panels, water filters, storage containers, first aid kits, portable solar generators, and even small stoves.
  • Shelf life can last 25+ years.


  • Can be hard to find a dealer near you
  • No individual pouches, meaning you can’t test if it’s good for you.
  • Need to cook the food before you can eat it.

Backpacker’s Pantry

The company’s been producing and shipping freeze-dried food in Boulder, Colorado, since 1951. The company also focuses on food packs for hiking, backpacking, hunting, and camping and has #10 cans for emergencies.


  • The choices are endless. You won’t get tired of the flavors as they have a multitude for you to choose from
  • Free shipping for all US orders above $99. Take advantage of this and buy in bulk!
  • Available options for those with special diets. You can get tree nut-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy free. Vegan and organic options are also available.
  • Clear labeling for how to store and prepare.
  • Instructions are simple and easy to follow
  • 10-year shelf life (except granola bars) for pouches, and 25-year shelf life for #10 cans
  • You can order it on their website and Amazon
  • Good amount of calories per pouch
  • Affordable



  • Servings can be a bit too much for one person
  • They also have dehydrated (not freeze-dried) food meals, so be careful when you purchase.
  • No buckets, even if you order in bulk
  • Not ideal if you’re sensitive to sodium.


What Should You Look For In The Best Freeze Dried Emergency Food?

So, what do you need to think about when you’re looking for the best freeze dried emergency food? Here are the categories we looked into when choosing the best freeze-dried emergency food.


Every step and resource you use counts when you’re in an emergency. Every effort is calculated so water and fuel can last until help arrives.

Get one that you can quickly eat in the Mylar pouches. Meaning all you have to do is add in just enough warm or hot water to eat. It also shouldn’t take too long to prepare. Others consider 10 minutes already too long

Shelf Life

One of the great things about freeze dried food is that they can last for years – decades even. Still, not all companies have the same shelf life. Some have just 5 years, while others claim theirs can last 25 years of longer.

Diet options

Food is your survival and comfort when things get rough. So the freeze dried food you have with you should match your diet. Good thing there are now options that are gluten-free, organic, soy-free, peanut free, and vegan, among others, to fit your needs.

Serving portions and sizes

Portion control is everything when you’re on survival mode. You need serving sizes that will give you the right calories to last. On the flip side, having too much portion in one serving is a waste. It’s best to look at the serving size first when you plan to buy in bulk.


The label says it all. Take the time to read the label and check the nutrient content. The best freeze dried emergency food not only gives you the calories you need. But also the nutrients your body requires for optimum functioning.

What’s your qualification for the best freeze-dried emergency food? Let us know in the comment section

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