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Still looking for a brand that can be your go-to for emergency situations? We’ll talk about how Legacy freeze dried food can help you keep your stomach full and satisfied when you need it the most.

What is Legacy Food Storage?

Legacy Food Storage is on a mission to make prepping easy for everyone. They provide emergency food, including survival essentials like water tanks, fuel and energy, plus gear. They believe that your basic needs should be met no matter where you are. That’s why the company offers food you can easily eat either when you’re at home, or in times when you need to leave.

What Are The Legacy Freeze Dried Food Types I Can Buy?

Legacy pride themselves not only on offering preparedness-ready meals suitable for long-term storage. They claim that their meals are designed to nourish families in top form. You can count on Legacy freeze dried food during a disaster situation, yes. But they’re also reliable in times when you’re too busy or too tired to cook.

There are several Legacy freeze dried food bulk meal packages that you can order. They’re grouped according to the number of servings you can get and the type of meals you can have.

Bulk Meal Packages

Designed for the serious prepper, these Bulk Meal Packages can provide hundreds or even thousands of meal possibilities. They’re great for both individuals or a large family who want food to be the least of their worries in whatever situation. You can get them in stackable, heavy-duty buckets that are waterproof and built to last for decades.

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Single Buckets/Portable Storage Kits

When you need to leave your home to move to a temporary shelter, you need to have food that’s also ready to move with you. That’s what the Legacy Portable Storage Kits are for. Since they’re freeze-dried, you don’t have to think about food storage or cooking.

Legacy Freeze Dried Survival Meal Samples

Want to try if you and your family would like Legacy freeze dried food? Then try out the samplers and see if Legacy is right for you. These samplers can also come in handy if you ever need to go on a short camping or hiking trip. With these, they eliminated worries about spoiling a big container of unused freeze-dried food.

Emergency Freeze Dried Meat Food Storage

If you don’t like eating too much carbs, or would like to add more protein to your meals, go for these ones. These are all meat like beef, chicken, or mixed meat that you can quickly turn into almost a gourmet meal in emergency situations.

Best Gluten Free Food Storage

The good thing about Legacy freeze dried food is that it comes ready for special dietary needs. There are several gluten-free emergency food kits and buckets that are designed for safe eating.

All freeze-dried food is available in larger serving sizes and has a 25-year shelf life. They’re also made from non-GMO ingredients, contain no MSG or AYE (autolyzed yeast extract), and have no artificial flavors. In addition, if you buy bulk packages, they come in waterproof stackable storage buckets for easier storage.

How Much Will I Pay For Legacy Freeze Dried Food?

Bucket Meal package costs $89.99-$$11,120.00. For the Single Buckets/Portable Storage Kits, you’ll be paying $115.00-$440.00.

If you buy samples, expect to pay $34.99-$440.00. $440 may seem a lot for samplers, but this is for the Legacy 183 Serving MEGA Sample Pack.

For the Best Gluten Free Food Storage, you’ll be paying $58.00-$1,210.00.

How Will I Pay For My Order

Legacy Food Storage accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

They also provide payment plans, especially for bigger packages, through Affirm. You get payment plans for 3, 6, or 12-month periods with NO downpayment required.

How Do I Get My Orders?

You get free shipping* if you live in the lower 48 states of the USA. On average, most arrive in 3-5 business days* from the

Delivery of your Legacy freeze dried food is through FedEx Ground for standard shipping on all orders in the lower 48 states.

*Additional shipping charges apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
**Shipping dates vary depending on demand.

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What’s the Return Policy?

For returns and cancelations, you have 30 days upon delivery to return unused items. Before you return them, you have to email Legacy Food Storage to get your Return Authorization Number (RAN).

You will get a refund or replacement order for damaged and defective products. Refund includes shipping fees, and Legacy will arrange for a FedEx pickup.

In case of refused or undeliverable items, you’re eligible for a total product refund. But you’ll be responsible for both delivery and return shipping costs.

Legacy will also charge you a $10 or 5% restocking fee, whichever is greater. Custom buckets are also non-refundable. But if pouches inside the buckets are damaged or defective, you’ll get replacement pouches in return.

What Are People Saying About Legacy Freeze Dried Food?

Customers are happy with the speedy delivery and great customer service. One ordered an item that was out of stock, and a customer service rep helped her locate some that just arrived.

Some are hesitant to open the packages though because they prefer to open them for emergencies. Those who tried it say the large services are enough to feed four people a meal or two a day. The amount of food is also much more compared to other brands. One reviewer said she tried the Pasta Primavara, and the flavors were very good. The downside is she couldn’t get the pasta to soften up. There was no mention, though, of how she prepared the food before eating.

For the consistency, a customer said that the chicken is good, but some bits stayed dry and crunchy. Also, she got some “chicken dust” at the bottom of the pack, which she thinks is due to the small sizes of the chicken bits.

Many customers are happy that they got Legacy Freeze dried food. One said he’s got more than enough to pull them through in any storm. Another said she now has peace of mind just in case the need for shelf-stable food arise. One is even seriously considering giving Legacy as Christmas gifts to her loved ones.

Should I Get Legacy Freeze Dried Food?

Nothing gives you peace of mind more than having food you can rely on in case of emergencies. Legacy freeze dried food has thousands of reviews about their great service, speedy delivery, and reliability. The food great, and the pricing is just right for the serving sizes. At first glance, they may look more expensive than Wise Company. But if you look at the calories per serving and the cost per pound of food, you’ll get your money’s worth.

What made you interested in Legacy freeze dried food? Are you considering this for short-term or long-term emergency food supply? Let us know in the comment section!

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