How To Eat Freeze Dried Fruit

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Freeze Dried Fruits

Got some freeze-dried fruits like peaches and grapes in stock but you don’t know what to do with them? Here are some creative ways how to eat freeze dried fruit!

Add Them to Waffles and Pancakes

Our kids love pancakes and waffles for breakfast. They love them even more when we throw in freeze-dried fruits. If you want the usual soft and juicy consistency, add the freeze-dried fruits to the batter. Just remember to adjust the water because they’ll suck in moisture like a sponge. If you want some added crunch, use them as toppings instead.

You can also pulverize the freeze-dried fruits to make fruit-flavored pancakes and waffles. You can either mix the powder in well or just fold it to create swirls of flavor and color. It’s really up to you!


Muffins are also great for breakfast, snacks, or teatime. You can mix freeze-dried fruits in the batter, then bake as usual. And yes, you do need to adjust the liquid content in your recipe. Otherwise, your muffins will come out dry.

What’s the best freeze-dried fruit to add to muffins? Blueberries, of course! These have the right mix of sugary tanginess that it just brings out the flavor of your muffin recipe. So try it and taste how freeze-dried blueberries bring your muffins to a different level.

freeze dried fruits on muffins


Crumble your freeze-dried fruits into smaller pieces, and you have natural-tasting gems on your food. You can sprinkle them on cookies before you bake them for a natural sugary crunch. Top them on frostings and icings for a beautiful yet nutritious decoration.

They are also great garnishes for desserts such as flans, mousse, ice cream sundaes, or sherbets. Try it, and you’ll be surprised by how excited your kids and family will be for their meal.

How to Eat Freeze Dried Fruit in Smoothies

There are so many recipes for smoothies that ask for fresh or frozen fruits. But have you tried using freeze-dried fruits instead? The trick here is to use one or two fresh fruits as your base, then add freeze-dried fruits as a flavor enhancer. Afterward, add your usual ingredients like yogurt, almond butter, water, whole milk, or silken tofu.

Want more nutrition and flavor? Then throw in some flax seeds, chia seeds, mint, cinnamon, or honey. Vanilla’s awesome too!

Fruit Juices

Remember Starbucks’ Dragon Fruit Refresher? They used freeze-dried dragon fruit in their drink. You can also replicate the same experience by making your own fruit juice! There are a couple of ways for you to do this.

One is to grind your favorite freeze-dried fruit into a fine powder. Go as fine as you can with your food processor, but a blender is ideal. Then add it to your juice base and watch it magically transform your drink. For an added touch, throw in some slices or cubes of freeze-dried fruit. Definitely perfect for drinking on a hot day or after a heavy workout.

granola with freeze dried fruits

Add Them to Cereals and Oats

Bored with your usual cereals and oats? Then throw in a mix of freeze-dried fruit. You can add the freeze-dried fruits whole for a burst of flavor. Or use smaller bits to get the best of everything in a spoon.

If you want the crunch, add the freeze-dried fruits after you pour the milk. Or cook your oats, then mix your freeze-dried fruits when you’re about to eat.

Prefer a softer juicier texture? Reconstitute the freeze-dried fruits in milk first before you add your cereal. Or add the freeze-dried fruit on the last 2-3 minutes of cooking time on your oats.

For added crunch, add walnuts, almonds, or sunflower seeds. For a deeper flavor, sprinkle some cinnamon or maple syrup.

How to Eat Freeze Dried Fruit in Jello

Jello is a great way to fill up your stomach when you’re too lazy to cook and eat. Throw in some freeze-dried fruits, and you get this fruity taste that has a wholesome tartness. Great way to add flavor to Jello, so you don’t have to use pre-mixed or flavored ones. Also, pick a brand that’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

How do you make it? There are different ways. One is to grind your freeze-dried fruit into a powder, then add it to your liquid while heating it. Another is to add it to your prepared Jello, pour them into molds, and wait for them to form.

Eat Them As Is

Not really creative, we know, but sometimes going back to basics is the best way to enjoy them. Straight out of the bag, they’re fun for snacking with the kids. When we were on our camping trip, our batch of freeze-dried fruits was almost gone during the trip. The kids just love them and couldn’t stop eating – and so do we!

How to eat freeze dried fruit? You’ll be surprised that there are so many ways to eat them. You can go traditional and eat them as is straight out of the bag. Or be adventurous and creative by adding them to your favorite recipes. Once you have tried playing around with freeze-dried fruits, you’ll find it easier to enjoy and have fun with.

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