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Looking for the best places to buy freeze-dried candy? Here are our 5 top picks based on products, mode of payment, and customer reviews.

Freeze Dried Bites Freeze Dried Candy Store

Freeze Dried Bites is a small family-run business. What got our attention was their slogan that reads: “Sweet or Savory Always Crunchy.” Another is that their goal is to ship your treats within 2 business days of ordering.

Most of their freeze-dried candies start at $5.00 for each bag. All of the sweets are packed in a half-transparent resealable bag. At a glance, you’ll know what you’re getting. Most importantly, how much you have left so you know when to do your next order!

Customer Reviews

There are no reviews on their website, unfortunately.  The latest review on their Facebook page dates back June 2021. However, most of the reviews were positive. The candies delivered, and one customer was able to eat a freeze-dried Skittles bag in one sitting.

Another got their order messed up by UPS. Freeze Dried Bites, with no hesitation, sent a new order to the customer.

Best Places To Buy Freeze Dried Candy: The FreezeDried Candy Store

The FreezeDried Candy Store claims to have the largest selection of freeze-dried candies available. With 88 products listed on their website, that may be true! So if you’re looking for a freeze-dried candy that you can’t find anywhere, there’s a high chance you’ll find it here.

So far, their best-sellers are Shell Shocks (Skittles), Super Clusters (Nerd Clusters), and Worm Puffs.

The candies will cost you $2.99-$19.95 from the date this blog was published. Everything is on sale, and you can get as much as $7.05 off on your order. If you’re a new customer, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get 10% off on your next order.

They have a $7.00 flat rate shipping fee on all orders. But if your order goes above $50, they will ship it free of charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on the customer reviews, this can be one of the best places to buy freeze dried candy. The candies are a hit, and many who purchased from the store enjoyed them. Some of the candies became favorites, while others say they’re addicting.

However, some people got issues with their orders. Some never got their order, and some got incomplete orders. From what we saw, customer service wasn’t at its best when it came to these kinds of issues. True that sometimes it can be due to the courier. However, an assurance or response at some point would have been appreciated.

Sarah Lilly’s

If you’re looking for a company that supports a cause, this is the one. Sarah Lily’s one of the best places to buy freeze dried candy because of their story.

The company was inspired by a Sarah Lilly, a little angel that had Trisomy 18. It’s a rare and fatal chromosome disorder, and she was not expected to make it full term. However, she defied the odds by making it to full term and surviving for 36 hours. She was so sweet, never cried, and gazed intently at her family. She passed on quietly and reminded people about the love and reflection.

In her memory, the company donates a portion of all proceeds to the National Organization for Rare Disease (NORD).

Sarah Lily’s collection of freeze-dried candy is limited to Starburst, Bit-O-Honey, Skittles, and Salt Water Taffy. Most will cost you $6.00-$7.00, but they have a Spring Sale on the way. At the time of this posting, you can get 10% discount on your order when you use the code at their website.

Customer Reviews

Many customers like the freeze-dried candy. The flavors are intense, and most say the candy flavors are delightful. There aren’t many reviews to go on, though. Still, with these positive reviews and their cause, Sarah Lilly’s going to be a promising company to do business with.

Treatly Freeze Dried Food

Treatly Freeze Dried Food is one of the popular stores. They’re one of the best places to buy freeze dried candy because they have a lot in their store. Second to The FreezeDried Candy Store, Treatly seems to come second in offerings.

What’s more, they have a chat support available for your inquiries. Good help if you have any questions about your order or wish to make an informed decision. This is crucial because all sales are final and non-refundable. The only case where you can file a complaint is when you receive a defective or damaged product.

Most of the freeze-dried candies start at $7.00, which you can pay through Shop Pay and Google Pay. After payment, it will take Treatly 5-7 days to process your order.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are happy and satisfied with their order. Mind you; the reviews aren’t a lot. Most of the candies don’t have reviews and those that have only have 2-4 at most.

Sweety Treaty Co. Freeze Dried Candy Store

Sweety Treaty Co. is one of the common results that will pop up when you serve for the best places to buy freeze-dried candy.

With good reason because they also have a large selection of freeze-dried candies available. You won’t have a hard time looking for them because Sweaty Treaty Co. specializes in freeze-dried candy. This means they had this as their core product when they went into the freeze-drying business.

Customer Reviews

Many gave positive feedback on the products that Sweety Treaty Co. is offering. The freeze-dried candies were so good, one couldn’t keep her hands out of the bag. Some got a better experience than they expected.

Some weren’t impressed, though. A customer was expecting to get what was in the picture, but she got a small bag with a few pieces. At $7.00 per bag, she was expecting more. Another got multiple orders of the same kind, which wasn’t what she wanted. Still, the freeze-dried candies were great and everyone enjoyed their treats.

The Best Places To Buy Freeze Dried Candy

What are the best places to buy freeze dried candy? Those with a lot of freeze-dried candies to offer, take care of their customers, and deliver awesome products. That’s what we considered when we listed our Top 5.

Make sure that the places you go to will be able to provide you with your sweet tooth craving. With so many shops to choose from, it could take you some time to find the one for you. But do check out these shops that we listed and maybe one of them would be a fit!

Which shop are you going for your freeze-dried candy fix? Let us know in the comment section.

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