Best 5 Places to Buy FD Sour Gummy Worms Online

Best 5 Places to Buy FD Sour Gummy Worms Online

Freeze Dried Candy

Looking for freeze-dried treats? Here are some of the places where you can buy freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms online.


SpaceChow Sour Gummy Worm

SpaceChow is an Etsy shop that specializes in freeze-dried candies. They offer freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms in 1.5 oz air-tight resealable packages that cost $7.00. A bag has a mix of flavors that can make your


You’ll get your freeze-dried sour gummy worms shipped from Alpine, UT. Many got their orders shipped the next day. The orders typically arrive within a week faster than other companies.


One buyer said the freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms are 10/10. She said it’s a crunchy, airy, super fun snack for kids. Another one said that it’s not a personal favorite but fun to try. A lot said that these were delicious. If you love sour candy, these won’t disappoint.


A customer didn’t get what they were expecting, though. What she got was a bag of broken FD candies that tasted pretty stale. One was disappointed that she only got 5 worms in a bag that were still sticky inside.


The Freeze Dried Candy Store Worm Puffs

These freeze-dried Worm Puffs are 3-4 times larger than their normal size. They’re tasty, delicate, light, and crispy treats that are sweet-tooth approved!


A normal-sized bag costs $10, but they’re available at a 50% discount at the posting of this blog. This means you’ll be paying $4.99 for a bag of freeze-dried candy.


Those who got it said these were “super sour yum”. One even ordered several bags as a birthday request from his son. Another said it was the best experience to taste them and had a lot of fun eating them. A customer even said that these were like nothing he’s ever had.


Sweaty Treaty Co. 

Sweety Treaty Co. freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms into a tart, tangy treat that will make your mouth water.


You get two textures when you bite into these sugary treats. First, you have a crunchy, airy surface bursting with flavor. Then you’re met with a chewy center, so you don’t miss that classic texture you love. Just a head’s up: since it’s freeze-dried, be prepared for an intense burst of flavor.


Just like with SpaceChow, you get a bag for $7.00. You can pay through Shop Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay. There’s a shipping fee, but If you order above $50, you don’t have to pay for shipping.


Those who bought them said they’re really good and crunchy. One said she prefers them over regular ones. Another customer said her granddaughter loved them and had fun sharing them with friends. It’s an OMG moment for another customer who said they were the best thing in the world that she’s ever tasted. If you love gummy worms, there are next level.


Popside Candy Freeze-Dried Sour Worms


Do you feel that small bags of freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms aren’t enough? Then try Popside Candy’s family-size bag of FD Sour Gummy Worms.


Aside from the candies looking like fruity Cheeto Puffs, Popside enhanced the flavors. Probably the goal is to give you twice the flavor burst than regular freeze-dried candy.


They may have done well because one person said all they could say is “WOW!!” the customer bought it and got them less than 2 days later. For her, it’s like a crunchy cheese puff but with a sour, fruity flavor.


Not a lot of reviews for this one, so understandably, you might be on the fence about buying it. However, no one can dispute the size. If you’re the type of person who loves Sour Gummy Worms, this will keep you and your family satisfied. So far, no one else is offering a 3 oz bag size. And if you order now, you get 50% off on your second bag.


The price is a steep $19.99, which is a bit much to pay for the candy. But if you’re after the experience and wish to share without running out, this is worth getting.


Lily’s Magical Treats 

Ever tried freeze-dried Peeps from them? These are just new to Lily’s Magical Treats! Freeze-drying transforms the worms into a whole new level with a crunchy texture. A 1-oz package will cost you $3.50, which is perfect if you want to test it out. However, you might find that a bag isn’t enough.


These may be made-to-order, so shipping out might take some time, depending on the availability. However, if you’re eager to taste the treat, you can schedule a pickup from Madison South or Westside in Madison, Wisconsin. For shipping, they ship out using USPS Frist Class. Your order can take 2-5 business days to arrive, depending on where you are.


These are some of the popular places we recommend you check out. When you buy freeze-dried Sour Gummy Worms, your experience comes first. See if you prefer a completely freeze-dried one or something still chewy and soft in the center.


What do you think? Which store would you do business with? Let us know in the comment section.


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