Best Oxygen Absorbers For Freeze Dried Food

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Looking for the best oxygen absorbers for freeze dried food? Here’s our top 3 brands that can help you keep your freeze-dried food longer.

OxySorb 100cc

OxySorb is designed to help you keep your freeze-dried food longer. Once used mainly by dehydrators, it’s now a popular item for those into freeze drying.

Many people use this because they really do their job in keeping the food fresh for long-term storage. They drain about 99.8% of oxygen in the container, so you have less worries about wastage. They’re so reliable that a 100cc oxygen absorber packet is good for maintaining up to a 1-quart  size of dry food container. If you want to physically see the absorber in action, put a couple inside a mason jar and close it. Before you can even hook up your sealer machine, OxySorb will seal the jar for you.

But this isn’t helpful for people who preserve food. There are also those who bought these to help daily food items last longer. Imagine opening a huge bag of flour, and you’ll only use it a few times a month. After a couple of weeks, they’re no longer good for use. These oxygen absorbers help keep dry food fresher, so it’s a huge plus for bulk buyers.

A cool thing about OxySorb is its eye indicator. They are really sensitive to the presence of oxygen and can start changing color. Once you open the bag, the indicators react immediately.

The downside of Oxysorb is that you can only get them in bulk. So once you open the bag, it’s either the rest go to waste or you vacuum seal the bag again.

O2FrePac 1000cc oxygen absorber on dry food

 O2FrePak 1000cc

According to the brand, the O2FrePak is effective for:

  • Rice, grain, pasta, seeds, pet food & nuts
  • Coffee, Tea & Cocoa
  • Spices, seasonings & herbs
  • Dried fruit & vegetables
  • Processed & dried meats

Don’t discount the size. These little ones can do the job really well that they can even preserve artworks and metalworks.

One said this worked better than other brands that he’s used but at a lower price. O2FrePak is his go-to for economical, long-term food storage.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, this can help do the job for you. Someone shared a story of popping the O2FrePak oxygen absorber inside his bag, acting like a vacuum sealer. 24 hours later, his food pack looked a bit deflated. All he did was seal the bag, and the oxygen absorber did the rest.

packfresh USA 100cc oxygen absorber on top of nuts

PackFreshUSA 100cc

PackFreshUSA is one of the best oxygen absorbers for freeze dried food because of its security buffer. They made the packets capable of absorbing 180% of their capacity so that you have more time to work with the oxygen absorber packs (OAP). This means a 100cc OAP can absorb at LEAST 180cc of oxygen. If, for some reason, your freeze-dried food container isn’t air-tight, the OAPs will reach full capacity in 20-30 minutes. Once you see them crystalizing, you know that your food pack’s been opened or has a hole in it.

And just in case you’re wondering, PackFreshUSA oxygen absorbers are food safe. They can have direct contact with your food with you not worrying about contamination.

If you’re going to use oxygen absorbers for the first time, this is highly recommended. Unlike other brands, PackFreshUSA comes with an instruction pamphlet. No more guessing how to use it and how much OAP to put into your container for proper storage.

As with other O2 absorbers, you must work fast once you open the pack. These absorb oxygen like a sponge, so you have to get them sealed within the recommended time frame as soon as possible.

A customer is surprised by the depth of information that came in with the instruction pamphlet. Everything you need to know about OAPs is there. This customer has been using O2 packs for years, and after reading the pamphlet? He was shocked to learn that some of his old beliefs about O2 packs were wrong.

One thing that’s not good about them is that you get a ton of oxygen absorbers in a non-resealable bag. So unless you know how to take care of your unused oxygen absorbers, you’ll be throwing away your money.


Tips For Using The Best Oxygen Absorbers For Freeze Dried Food.

No matter how good your oxygen absorbers are, they’re not helpful if you don’t know how to use and take care of them.

One thing to know about oxygen absorbers is that they work best in a dry environment. This means if you’re into canning, you can only use OAPs in dry canning and not for moist canning.

Also, if you have moist food to store, it’s not advisable to use this. Since you’re dealing with freeze-dried food, certainly you won’t have a problem with this. But if in case you got some leftover fresh food you want to store for freeze drying later… you can’t use these unless the food is dry. If you got moist food with you, best to use desiccant bags instead.

Don’t be surprised when you get your O2 absorbers in the mail. Most of the best oxygen absorbers for freeze-dried food come in packs of 100s. Unfortunately, you’ll be lucky if these packs of 100s come in 10s, 20s, or 30s individual packs. We know what you’re thinking: a lot of wasted oxygen absorbers once you open the bag.

The secret to prolonging the life of your unused oxygen absorber is to work fast. Don’t let it stay exposed for 30 minutes. Once you’re done, vacuum seal them again and watch the indicator magically go back to clear.

Got questions about oxygen absorbers? Let us know in the comment section, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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