The 3 Best Mylar Bags For Freeze Drying

Mylar bags for freeze drying


Freeze-drying food for long-term storage is no joke. You are saving up precious food for future use, and in some cases, your survival may depend on it. You must not or should never settle for anything less when it comes to food storage; you want only the best.

That being said, what are the best mylar bags for freeze-drying? Let us spare you the trouble of finding the best bags through the trial-and-error process. There are dozens of brands that claim to be the best around but are actually subpar for quality.

Here are the three best mylar bags for freeze-drying food for long-term storage.


Wallaby Goods Mylar Bags

Wallaby is one of the most common and favored bags used to store freeze-dried food. Hands down, this is one of the best.

Like most Mylar bags on sale, these come in 75 pieces of 1-gallon bags which measure 10×14 inches. Wallaby bags come in a distinctive black color.

Wallaby Goods mylar bags

One of the largest bags they sell comes in a whopping 5-gallon size bag which measures 15×30 inches and comes with a zipper seal. This is great for storing freeze-dried grains, beans, and rice.

These durable bags come with a zip lock bag container for all 75 mylar bags. This bag protects your storage packs from moisture, contamination, and insects before you actually use them. Cool, isn’t it?

And, you get free 8×10 packages of 200-400 cc oxygen absorbers. You also get free white sticker labels. You don’t see that kind of freebie every day.

If there is only one, if there is one downside, Wallaby bags are only 5 mm thick. This thickness is adequate, but some would prefer bags that are 7 millimeters thick.


SHXWell Mylar Bags

SHXWell is made explicitly from materials fit for food storage and is eco-friendly, safe, and durable.

As with other Mylar bags, SHXWell comes in various sizes to fit your needs. These range from ½ pint, 1-quart, and 1-gallon bags. The bottom of the bags is gusseted, so the package stands on its own while you pour in the freeze-dried food.

SHXWell mylar bags

Another bonus is that high-quality oxygen absorbers come free with the package. Now, bear in mind that not all Mylar bag packs come with good oxygen absorbers, which are very important in keeping your food fresh. In the best-case scenario, grains such as rice can stay stored for as long as 25 years in a Mylar bag. This is made possible not only by freeze-drying but also by utilizing oxygen absorbers.

Resealing after opening a bag is also essential. SHXWell bags are resealable as these come with a trusty Ziplock. Thanks to that nifty Ziplock, you need not iron the bag every time you open it.


Harvest Right Mylar Bags

Last but not least, Harvest Right makes one of the best Mylar bags around. Many folks, especially preppers, use these for long-term freeze-dried food storage. If it’s good enough for a prepper, it’s good enough for average folks like you and me.

Now, some may argue that only bags produced by DuPont can be rightly named Mylar. After all, they did invent the thing and applied for a patent for it in the 1950s.

Harvest Right mylar bags

Other manufacturers may have either asked permission from DuPont to produce that bag or use that patented name. Or the patent, which only lasts for 20 years, may have expired. Either way, a Harvest Right Mylar bag is a Mylar bag, and so far, the lawyers at DuPont haven’t been scrambling around to sue Mylar bag manufacturers for patent infringement.


What Makes Harvest Right The Best Quality Mylar Bag For Freeze Drying?

Harvest Right bags are 7 millimeters thick, and this is no idle claim. Some folks who put a value on their freeze-dried storage solutions are downright serious about the specs of their bags.

They have indeed done independent tests and confirmed that Harvest Right Bags are 7 millimeters thick. This extra thickness is the selling point of this bag. Like other manufacturers, these bags come in different sizes and dimensions to fit your needs.


The Final Word

We recommend these brands of Mylar bags wholeheartedly and without any hesitation. You want only the best, so we recommend only the best we can find.

The reviews on these Mylar bags speak volumes about how some folks rely on them. We carefully sifted through all the reviews on these bags and the two others to guarantee that we recommend only the three best Mylar bags for freeze-drying food.

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