5 Brands of Freeze-Dried Apple Slices To Try

5 Brands of Freeze-Dried Apple Slices To Try

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Love apples but don’t like the change in texture and color when they’re left out too long? We get you. Although apples are good, they tend to lose their texture and color when exposed, especially when the weather is hot. Fortunately, there are freeze-dried apple slices that you can buy for a satisfyingly crunchy yet flavorful snack.

Good And Gather  Freeze-dried Apple Slices

The 1.25oz pack of Good and Gather freeze-dried apple slices cost $4.59. The bright red packaging makes you look forward to eating what’s in the bag. One pack contains 5 servings of freeze-dried apple slices prepared with ascorbic acid, citric acid, and salt. According to the label, these were used to preserve color.

Unfortunately, Good and Gather didn’t quite deliver. Some said that package contains mostly green apples that are too sour to eat. A mother said her toddler was expecting red apples, so getting her toddler to eat was a struggle. Flavorwise, though, the red apples are sweet, with the green apples expectedly sour. It’s a great crunchy snack if you can tolerate the skin on the slices.

Crisp Green All-Natural Freeze-dried Apple Slices

Crispy Green freeze-dried apple slices are made with 100% apple. You get 100% natural fruit with no additives, preservatives, and, best of all, no skins. You only get 35 calories per serving, and a pack can last for years (unopend) in your pantry.

The apple slices come in a pack of 4’s, which will cost you $8.99. Each pack has 0.53 oz of apple slices, roughly equivalent to $4.25 per oz. One said it’s the perfect size for hiking, school, work, or even in-purse snacks.

What people love about these is that the slices have no additives. When others described Good and Gather as being a touch chewy, some say these are consistently crunchy and crisp. One even said these are so good you wouldn’t want to share.

So Natural Freeze-dried Apple Slices

The Dollar Tree has some good finds every now and then, and that includes So Natural freeze-dried apple slices. A 0.6oz pack costs $1.25 each, which you can order for pickup and delivery. But although the packs are affordable, you have to buy the freeze-dried apple slices online in increments of 12. So, a 12-pack order would cost you $15.00.

Those who got it find it convenient that they can order online. The Dollar Store only has this on occasion, so buying So Natural freeze-dried apple slices online was very convenient. Pick-up can be a headache, as one customer unfortunately experienced. Although the fruit slices were wonderful, the hassle made him not want to order online again.

5 Brands of Freeze-Dried Apple Slices To Try

OutdoorPantry Freeze-dried Apple Chips

These apple slices are covenant for snacking on the go and adding flavor to your food. Packed in gusseted Mylar bags, they’re great for traveling, on the trail, or even at the office. It’s like you’re eating potato chips, only healthier.

The freeze-dried apple slices cost $9.99 for 2.5 oz bags. However, the slices have non-hydrogenated canola oil and tapioca starch on them. Not sure what they wanted to achieve here, but oil certainly doesn’t go well for freeze-dried food.

There are only two reviews of this freeze-dried product. One said, unlike other freeze-dried apples, these ones have a healthy skin on them. If rehydrated, they taste close to fresh. Another customer said the apples are healthy, crunchy, and amazing.

ReadyWise Simple Kitchen Freeze-dried Organic Apples

ReadyWise believes that everyone should have easy-to-prepare food ready in any situation. Their freeze-dried apple slices come in resealable pouches for quick storage and access. The product is certified USDA organic and suitable for vegetarians.

ReadyWise Simple Kitchen freeze-dried organic apple slices come in a box that costs $29.89. Each box contains 6 of the 0.7 oz pouch with a 3-year shelf life. Some say they’re too expensive, but some say it’s a price to pay for their taste and nutritional value.

Some parents like the fact that they have a healthy snack that their kids would love. With these around, they wouldn’t be missing candy.


These freeze-dried apple slices are worth trying in terms of flavor and texture. However, we’re a bit hesitant with Good and Gather, even if they have a selection of freeze-dried fruits. When you talk about freeze-dried items, the texture should be airy, crunchy, and crispy. That satisfying crunch is what makes freeze-dried food so addicting. If a product is chewy, it means it wasn’t freeze-dried enough.

There is one thing common among the reviews. The bags don’t have enough freeze-dried apple crisps for their price. If you’re saving for emergencies, you can do without these luxuries. But if you want to treat yourself every now and then, especially if you don’t have your own freeze dryer yet, then a bag or two wouldn’t hurt.

Which brand of freeze-dried apple slices do you want to try and why? Let us know in the comment section.

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