Where To Buy Freeze-Dried Warheads

Where To Buy Freeze-Dried Warheads

Freeze Dried Candy

Want to buy freeze-dried warheads? We looked at the most popular places and checked the prices, amount, and customer reviews for you.

The Freeze Dried Candy Company

This brand turns authentic Warheads Extreme Sour Candy into freeze-dried “Sour Space Rocks”. Through the FD process, the candies expand to quarter-sized candies that explode with face-wrinkling sourness as they melt in your mouth.

The “Sour Space Rocks” come in 2.5oz ziptop bags for easy snacking. You’ll see that the candies are really big, airy, and crunchy in texture. Unfortunately, they are so light they’re close to fragile. The company disclaimed that the shipping and handling can cause the candies to break into powder. However, they do their best to pack these bags well so that they suffer less damage as possible during transit.

The good thing about the Freeze Dried Candy Company is that they do this made-to-order. That means you only get freshly made freeze-dried warheads delivered to your doorstep. However, the processing time can take 3-4 days, which doesn’t involve shipping time. The delivery can vary depending on your location, weather, and other logistics factors.

Those who ordered say you can taste the candy flavor. They’re super sour, and even adults adore them. Some, however, say the sourness was toned down. Others say there’s a burst of tartness, but it was immediately followed with a sweetness that toned it down.

Sugarcoat Freeze Dried Warheads

Sugarcoat freeze-dried warheads are made using extremely sour warheads. Regrettably, the company didn’t say the size of the pack you’ll be getting. The picture shows 4 flavors but no picture of the container.

It’s hard to assume what you’ll get for $6.50 because there’s no description of the size and weight. We only know that the freeze-dried warheads come in apple, black cherry, watermelon, lemon, and blue raspberry flavors.

But that’s just on their website. On their Etsy store, they showed a bag of warheads but without the size still. However, the candies got good reviews. The sweets got this puckering, jaw-clenching sourness that warheads are known for. But they’re oddly satisfying that even SILs and MILs love them. One person even said it was the first time they’d ever eaten a warhead all the way through.

The candies are packed well and arrived just in time. Some, unfortunately, got their candies crushed, but there are a few among all the reviews in the Sugarcoat Etsy store.

Crunche Snacks

If you prefer to get your warheads in a tub, then try Crunche Snacks. You can get a small tub for $8.00 if you want to try it out or a medium tub for $15.00 if you feel confident.

We like the tub because it’s neater this way to eat. It can sit on the shelf in all its glory, so you’ll know when to get another one. It’s not convenient for travel, but it does the job of keeping the candies secure.

You can get the candies shipped to your doorstep or for free pickup. Payment modes are made convenient through Shop Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.

Buy Freeze-Dried Warheads


You may be familiar with the Trendy Treats Crew on YouTube, where they showed candy videos, from making, tasting, and experimenting to freeze drying. Their awesome videos make you want to be a child again and uncover the mysteries behind each candy.

Their freeze-dried warheads were renamed to freeze-dried “Sour Heads”. A bag of 1.2oz (36 g) of freeze-dried candy costs $8.99, and one person says a bag has 6 candies. Which is probably why many are saying it’s too expensive. However, there are those who aren’t complaining of the price. They say the candies are a 10/10 and they would get a bag again.

Freeze Dried Warheads Smashups

Walmart offers freeze-dried warhead smashups by Impact Confections in a 2oz bag. However, paying $16.49 for freeze-dried warheads you can get for half the price at The Freeze Dried Candy Company doesn’t seem worth it.

We don’t see any reviews on the Walmart page as well. Although Walmart is known for being a trusted store for most goods, a product with no review should be looked at with caution.

These freeze dried warheads are among the most searched online, and with good reason. These companies are known for giving quality products and fast services, making them popular go-tos for FD candies.

Just make sure that when you buy from them, you have full expectations of what you’ll get. Since freeze-dried warheads are airy and fragile, some crumbling may occur. However, aside from the freeze-dried warheads smashups, we saw that most brands take the time to secure their product. This way, you get them whole as much as possible with little damage.

Which brand of freeze-dried warheads are you leaning toward, and why? Let us know in the comment section.

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