Where To Buy Freeze-Dried Mangosteen

Where To Buy Freeze-Dried Mangosteen

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Mangosteen is called the Queen of Fruits in Asia. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a reddish-purple fruit with a thick, bitter rind. When you split the fruit, you’ll see inside white-fleshed, creamy arils that taste like lychee, strawberry, peach, and a hint of pineapple. However, getting fresh mangosteen in the US is difficult and nearly impossible. Thankfully, some brands can help you buy freeze-dried mangosteen to help give you a taste.

Thaya Premium Freeze-Dried Whole Mangosteen

Thaya makes their freeze-dried mangosteen from 100% real fruit. No sugar, color, or preservatives were added while making the product. What you get is an exotic tropical fruit that’s a medley of sweet and tangy flavors.

You get a 40g pack of freeze-dried whole mangosteen arils or pup. The skin or rind is not included, so you just get the flavorful pulp. Word of caution, though. The arils have seeds in them, almost the size of Jackfruit seeds.

Some said the freeze-dried arils are fluffy, tasty, and good for snacking. However, those who were satisfied wished that more of the fruit were inside the bag.

Those who’ve tried the Thaya freeze-dried mangosteen and fresh ones said the taste is lacking. It’s a disappointment because those who bought them were missing the sweet tang of the fruit. One said you couldn’t taste what’s special about the fruit, and it’s like eating freeze-dried mango.

Fruit KING

Fruit KING offers freeze-dried mangosteen in a 1.76oz pack. According to the label, the product is from Thailand and is 100% natural.

Those who tried Fruit KING freeze-dried mangosteen said the arils tasted sweet and creamy, including the seed. The fruit is so tasty that one customer ordered it in bulk to share with friends. She loved eating the whole fruit, even with the seeds, because it added a nice sweet crunch. Those who miss the mangosteen flavor are happy that these are available in the US. A customer even regretted ordering a single packet and said she’d order in bulk next time.

Some did say that the pack is too small for its price. The flavor is a touch lacking for some, but the experience left them satisfied. However, some were disappointed that the arils had some husk attached and were difficult to eat. Another said he had already tried freeze-dried mangosteen in Vietnam, and these weren’t even close to the flavor.

Bee Fruits Freeze-Dried Mangosteen

Bee Fruits freeze-dry their mangosteen arils whole, with the seeds included. A bag weighs 1.76 oz and is a good substitute for the real one.

According to the reviews, flavorwise, it’s pretty good. Each freeze-dried aril has good color and flavor and is a suitable substitute for the real one. At first glance, they look like tasteless dried balls of fiber. But once they moisten in your mouth, you get this indescribable mild sweetness. Some even describe a white Cheeto puff with a tangy and fruity.

Some appreciate that they can get mangosteen when fresh fruit is unavailable. However, some say it’s a wasted effort because the taste is too dry and too sour. For them, the product tasted like stale popcorn or similar to eating sand.


Volupta captures the sweet tartness of mangosteen in their freeze-drying process. A bag is 3.5oz (99g) and filled with mangosteen from Thailand. It’s made with real fruit, non-GMO verified, and a good source of fiber.

There are no reviews about this product, but it seems to be popular. Most of the online stores that offer the product are out of stock at the moment.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Mangosteen

Freeze-dried mangosteen has many benefits and can be even better than fresh ones in some aspects.

Each Part Becomes Edible

When you get fresh mangosteen, you usually discard the seed from the arils. However, with the freeze-drying process, even the seeds become edible. Some say the seeds become sweet and creamy and with a satisfying crunch.

Preserve the Nutrients

Aside from the crown, there’s a reason why mangosteen is called the Queen of Fruits. Every single part of the fruit is filled with nutrients. The rind is rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids currently being studied for their potential medicinal properties. For the arils, they are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B9, and C, copper, magnesium, and manganese.

Freeze-drying preserves over 90% of the fruit’s nutritional value. In addition, you get more nutrients than when you get the fruits fresh. Because as the fruit ages, it undergoes oxidation that breaks down and lessens the nutrients day by day. With freeze-drying, the nutrient content is locked in, and you get it all each time you have a snack.

Easier to Eat

You have to split or cut the thick rind in half to reveal the juicy arils of fresh mangosteen. Then you have to pry out the arils one by one using either your hands or teeth. Then you have to carefully chew out the juicy flesh from the seed.

But with freeze-dried mangosteen, you can just pick a piece from the bag and chew everything, even from the seed. There is also freeze-dried mangosteen rind, which can give a nutrient boost to your smoothies and energy shakes.

Lasts Longer

One of the reasons why fresh mangosteen is hard to come by in the US is because of the fruit’s perishability. The Queen of Fruits should be eaten within 2-3 days, or the fruit will spoil.

Freeze-dried mangosteen lasts longer. The packets say the product can last one year, which is shorter compared to the 25-year lifespan of FD foods. This is probably because the freeze-dried arils contain seeds that don’t freeze-dry well. So, although the shelf life is short, it’s a hundred times longer than 2-3 days.

Have you tried mangosteen before, or will this be the first time you’ll taste the Queen of Fruits? Let us know in the comment section.

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