Natierra Freeze Dried Food Strawberries Review

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We’re going to review another brand of freeze dried strawberries. Natierra freeze dried food strawberries is also another popular brand that many seem to enjoy going in to. Let’s find out if the brand lives up to the hype and if you can get a great experience with their freeze-dried strawberries.

What Is Natierra?

The company’s vision is to create as much positive impact with their brand as they serve customers through the years. The communities they meet during their journey as a company and as a brand are instrumental to their progress. They are the reason why Natierra’s able to provide unique and high-quality superfoods at a competitive price.

What Are Natierra Freeze Dried Food Strawberries?

These are made from organic strawberries that are sliced and, of course, freeze-dried. With the water content gone, you’ll get that satisfying crunch that makes this pack totally irresistible.

According to the company, they selected the ripest and tastiest strawberries for their brand. Freeze drying at this state preserves all the nutrition and goodness. This way, you get the taste of fresh strawberries even when they’re not in season.

Natierra freeze dried food strawberries are preserved and packed the way they are. Meaning there’s no sugar added to sweeten or enhance the taste. What you get is the true, unadulterated taste of strawberries.

Although the strawberries are organic, they’re not gluten-free. Keep this in mind if you have a special diet.

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How Much Are Natierra Freeze Dried Food Strawberries?

If you’re going to get the organic freeze-dried strawberries, it’s going to cost you $5.99 for a 0.8oz pack (23g). The premium is cheaper, which is sold for $3.99  for a 0.7oz (20g) pack.

What’s The Shipping Policy?

Natierra only ships online orders to addresses within the contiguous United States. Shipping isn’t included in Alaska and Hawaii.

You’ll get your orders shipped the next business day when you order Monday through Thursday. If you order on Friday after 2:00 PM PST, they’ll process your order the following Monday. Saturday and Sunday orders will get processed on Monday as well.

Does Natierra Accept Returns?

Natierra stands by their freeze-dried strawberries. If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you can return any unused product for a full refund. You should return the item in its original packaging and in the same condition you got it. Return is only valid 30 days from the shipped date.

One thing, though. You’ll be paying for the return shipping. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about returning your order.

Also, this is for freeze-dried strawberries ordered in Natierra. For store-bought items, bring your receipt and unused item(s) for return to the store for a full refund.

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What Are Customers Saying About Natierra Freeze Dried Food Strawberries?

Customers are raving about the product and giving them the best reviews.

One said that they love the Natierra freeze dried food strawberries because of the texture. The strawberries are nice and crunchy and almost melt in your mouth. It gave that satisfying experience similar to cand and chips would. The only difference is that these are strawberries and are way healthier.

Another customer found it very addictive. If the pack didn’t cost as much, this customer would have been loyal.

Some also mixed it into their granola recipe and loved it. The Natierra freeze-dried strawberries also blend well with smoothies, giving a layer of interesting flavor. The slices have the right balance of sweetness and tartness that customers love.

Many highly recommend this if you’re looking for strawberries when they’re not in season. It’s very convenient and has a long shelf life. You can take it anywhere with you, and it won’t spoil.

Mothers also love the fact that it’s toddler approved. Some toddlers even prefer eating them instead of cookies or sweets.

Note one thing when you order your pack of Natierra Freeze dried food strawberries. This is packed in a facility that also handles milk, soy, eggs, and wheat products. Be on close watch if you have allergies or plan to eat it with someone who has.

Review Summary

Natierra freeze dried food strawberries were created by a company that aims to make a positive impact with their brand. The company makes their strawberries from organic berries that are at the peak of ripeness. They’re made with no additives or preservatives so you get pure strawberry goodness in every pack.

The brand is available for shipping in the contiguous United States, except Alaska and Hawaii. They ship the next day, except for Fridays and weekends. You can also return unused packages within 30 days of shipping date if you’re not satisfied with your order. Just make sure that you

If you want your Natierra freeze-dried food strawberries fix sooner, you can get them in stores. You can also return unused items when you’re unsatisfied with the flavor.

Many customers, though, are satisfied with the freeze-dried food. The flavors, according to them, were on point. As a result, they use it in their recipes and even give them to their kids for snacks.

If you want to experience “superfood with a soul”, then you can definitely try out Natierra freeze dried food strawberries. They can be expensive, as freeze-dried foods are, but many are saying they’re worth the price.

Have you tried Natierra freeze-dried strawberries? Let us know in the comment section!

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