How To Freeze Dry Tootsie Rolls

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Freeze Dried Candy

Tootsie Rolls are awesome candy classics. They’ve been around forever, around 1896. Leo Hirsh field named this delicious hand-rolled candy for his daughter, and they were sold for a penny.

They’re soft, chewy, and somewhat gummy that they stick to your teeth. If you don’t like the gumminess, but love the chocolate flavor, then maybe freeze-drying will work for you.

Materials for Freeze Drying

Materials are essential for freeze-drying Tootsie Rolls. They make your life easier and can make the process fun. What you’ll need would be:

  • Tootsie Rolls (long or short ones)
  • Utility scissors or a strong knife
  • Freeze dryer tray
  • Parchment paper (optional)

Preparing the Candy

Although Tootsie Rolls are very simple to freeze dry, preparing them needs quite a bit of patience. These don’t expand the way Salt Water Taffy does, but they get hard. So hard, eating them feels like you’re going to break your teeth.

Many say that they’re better eaten by sucking them in your mouth. Your saliva will wet and soften the candy until it’s soft and just melts in chocolate goodness.

Cut the candy into half-inch or even quarter-inch slices if you’re patient enough. This way, you don’t have to fight with the candy when you bite off a piece. It’s going to be time-consuming, yes. But spending this extra effort will make you love instead of curse the freeze dried Tootsie Rolls.

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Do I Need to Pre-Freeze?

Pre-freezing is not necessary when you freeze dry candy. But this extra step can help make your freeze drying easier and shorter. It’s a good practice, especially if you’ve got something “cooking” inside your freeze dryer at the moment.

What you do here is line your freeze dryer tray with parchment paper. Place the candies on top, making sure they don’t stick to each other. You can put them closer than you would other candies because they don’t expand as much. The spaces help make it easier for you to take out the candy. They’ll be hard-stuck against each other if you don’t.

How to Freeze Dry Tootsie Rolls

Freeze drying Tootsie Rolls is very easy and fun to do.

  1. Turn on your freeze dryer and choose whether you’re your Tootsie Rolls are pre-frozen or not.
  2. Line the freeze dryer tray with parchment paper and place your pre-cut candies. Give them enough space to let air circulate through them.
  3. Once your freeze dryer’s ready, close the valve and open the chamber door. Place the trays of candies inside the freeze-dryer.
  4. Close the door and let the freeze dryer do it’s thing.
  5. Once done, open the valve. Check that the hose doesn’t come in contact with the water, or the machine will suck it back in.
  6. Check the candies and see if they’re all dry and hard.
  7. If there are other moist and soft candies, put the trays back and add an hour or 2 of extra freeze drying time.

How To Store the Candies

Once the candies are done, you can store them in three different ways:

Mylar Bags

This is the most space-saving and easiest way to store freeze-dried Tootsie Rolls. Scoop your candies inside the mylar bags and throw in an oxygen absorber or two. You can seal it as is, or you can vacuum seal it for longer storage.

Sealing a Mylar bag doesn’t need any fancy equipment. Some use a standard iron, while others use a hair iron. But if you have a sealer, that works really well to keep your freeze-dried candies safe to eat for years.

You need to make a seamless seal to keep water and air from getting inside the bag. Some even do a double seal just to be sure, especially when using old sealers.

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Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for storing freeze dried food because they’re damp-proof. Freeze dried food can suck in water from the air like a sponge and can ruin a good batch.

Unlike Mylar bags, you need special equipment to vacuum seal Mason Jars. There’s a hand pump and an electrical vacuum sealer to help you do this.

When you use Mason jars, double check the lip. Run your fingers around it like you’re playing musical glass. Use a different jar if there’s even a hint of roughness to it. That small crack may look innocent, but it can also innocently let in air in your freeze dried Tootsie Rolls.

Like with Mylar bags, throw in an oxygen absorber in the glass. This way, not only do you have extra insurance against oxygen. You also have an indicator that air is getting inside your jar. If you see any change in your oxygen absorbers, this means your Mason jar’s compromised.

Airtight Containers

Freeze dried Tootsie Rolls are so delicious and can be addicting to eat when you prep them right. Use air-tight containers if you can’t keep their hands from the candy bag or jar. These are enough to keep the fresh candies while also satisfying your cravings.

How many Tootsie Rolls do you plan to freeze dry? Let us know in the comment section.

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