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Smoothies are not only filling and refreshing, but they have a multitude of health benefits. If the ingredients are chosen properly, you can have a drink to fill you up or help you boost your immune system. Some even drink it as part of a cleansing diet or help them go to sleep. But it can be time-consuming to prepare and takes up space in the freezer. Not to mention, fruit and veggies oxidize fast and lose their nutrients after blending. So, the next best thing to a fresh smoothie is to freeze-dry it!

Why Freeze Dry Smoothie?

Did you know that freeze-dried smoothie rehydrates a lot faster than dehydrated food? That’s because freeze drying doesn’t use high temperatures that can change the cellular structure of food. As a result, the cells find it hard to absorb water.

But freeze drying removes water by sublimating ice into water vapor. As the ice crystals sublimate, they leave behind air pockets that leave the food airy and light. In a way, it makes food seek out moisture to rehydrate. As a result, the freeze-dried smoothie returns to its original form almost instantly without needing a blender or special equipment. Just pulverize it, add water, mix, and you’ve got yourself a healthy drink.

Another great thing is that you control the sugar that goes into it. You can use sugar replacements, dates, or a medley of fruits for added flavor.

But do you know what we love most about a freeze-drying smoothie? It’s an incredible time saver. Just freeze-dry a huge batch, and there’s a ready supply you can mix up any time of the week. You can take it anywhere, too, and have your favorite beverage while hiking, driving, or trekking.

What Kind Of Smoothie Can I Freeze Dry?

What Kind Of Smoothie Can I Freeze Dry?


You can freeze-dry any kind of smoothie. But if you’re fresh out of ideas, here are some recipes you can try:

You can use any ingredients that you want. You could even throw in your freeze-dried strawberries, kiwi, kale, spinach, or whatever you fancy. If the smoothie comes out too thick, that’s just fine. You’ll freeze-dry it anyway, and you can add water to reach your preferred consistency.

Remember to keep the sugar to a minimum to keep the smoothie from exploding. Also, it’s healthier that way.

Lactose intolerant? No problem. Replace the milk or cream with almond, cashew, or soy milk.

How Much Should I Make?

That would depend on your freeze-dryer tray’s capacity. To estimate, a medium freeze dryer tray can hold 4-6 cups. Your tray can hold 7-8 cups if you have a large freeze dryer.

Do I Pre-Freeze?

It’s not required, but we recommend you do so. Especially if you added high-sugar food like oranges and mango. Sugar expands and sometimes even blows up because of the pressure inside the chamber. Deep freezing can potentially prevent this from happening since the smoothie’s already in solid form. Also, this will help shorten the freeze-drying time significantly.

How Do I Prepare The Trays?

When you prepare the trays, you’ll need:

  • Parchment paper or silicone pad – to keep the smoothie from sticking
  • Dividers – you can buy silicone dividers to help pre-portion your servings.
  • Pizza cutter – who said smoothies can only be taken in liquid form? You can make smoothie snackies by cutting them into cubes after freeze-drying.

Just pour the smoothie you prepared on the trays, then put them either in the freezer or freeze dryer.

How to Freeze Dry Smoothie

Once everything’s ready, it’s time for you to turn on your freeze-dryer.

  1. Turn on the machine and press “START > LIQUID”.
  2. If you have frozen smoothie, choose “FROZEN”. Otherwise, choose “NOT FROZEN”.
  3. For frozen smoothie, let the unit pre-cool for 15-30 minutes until it reaches -8°F (-22 °C) or lower.
  4. Close the drain valve when the unit tells you to.
  5. Put in the trays, close the chamber, then press “CONTINUE”.

How Long Does Freeze DryingSmoothie Take?

How Long Does Freeze Drying Smoothie Take?


Depending on your smoothie’s moisture, it can take about 40 hours. The process can take longer, though, depending on several things like:

  • Amount of food being dried
  • The cellular structure of the food
  • Temperature of the room where you’re freeze dryer’s installed
  • Performance of the vacuum pump

To know if your smoothie’s done, use an infrared thermometer or do it the old-fashioned way. Cut the smoothie into chunks using your pizza cutter, and check if they’re dry, airy, and solid. If any feel soft, moist, and cool, put the trays back for extra dry time.

Where Can I Buy Freeze Dried Smoothie?

Too busy or occupied to make your own? Here are some freeze-dried smoothie brands you can try.

Smoothie-Ngo Freeze Dried Fruit Smoothie Mix Powder

This brand doesn’t have any added sugar. You can try out three flavors, which all taste great. Goes well with orange juice but not good with milk. It does get clumpy, but some find that a little bit of liquid first to reconstitute before adding the rest works.

Sow Good

Sow Good has 11 freeze-dried smoothie flavors to choose from. They’re conveniently packed in a cup, so you can have it on the go. Of course, it will take a bit of room in your storage. But their goal is for you to have your smoothie on the go without having to look for a glass.


These packets are made from plant-based superfoods that are 100% real. It’s dairy-free, contains 10+ grams of protein, and is gluten-free. If you want to try it, there’s a sampler pack of their five popular flavors.

Whether you make your own or buy freeze-dried smoothie, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is you know what goes in your smoothie, and you get as close as 90% of food nutrients. It’s also a great way to give elders the nutrition they need when they can’t prepare their own food.

Be mindful of the water content, though. Although thick smoothies pack flavor, there’s the risk of dehydration. Also, you have to be aware of the sugar content. Even if you use natural fruits, there’s still a risk of taking in too much sugar. So please take it as part of your health regime, but don’t drink it too much.

What’s your favorite smoothie? Let us know in the comment section.

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