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Freeze Dried Reviews

Next on our freeze-dried brand review is Great Value freeze dried fruit. Let’s see if this can be a good substitute if you don’t have time to freeze-dry your own fruit snacks.

What is Great Value?

Great value is on a mission to provide families with affordable, high quality food. They don’ have their own website, and their products are available in Walmart. This also means you can buy Great Value products in retail stores or online

What Are The Great Value Freeze Dried Fruits Available?

Your Great Value freeze dried fruit choices are:

  • Strawberry
  • Peaches
  • Banana & Strawberry
  • Fuji Apple
  • Freeze Dried Mango

According to the label, each pack only contains fruit. There are no added preservatives or additives, which is the advantage of freeze-dried goods. Since the freeze drying process doesn’t involve high heat as dehydration does, there’s no significant chemical or physical change. But because of the sudden shift of ice to vapor, you get a crispy, crunchy treat packed twice the flavor of fresh ones.

Great Value prepares the fruits in slices and chip-sized for fun, enjoyable snacking. They come in resealable bags, so you can enjoy snacking without worrying about mess or exposure. The freeze-dried fruit crisps are 100% natural, gluten-free, and contain no cholesterol, sodium, or fat.

If you’re on a keto diet, though, this may not be advisable for you. A pack can contain as much as 20 grams of net carbs. A keto diet means less than 50 grams of net carbs per day.

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How Much Are The Freeze-Dried Crisps?

You can get these in Walmart for $3.28-$5.48 per pack. The Fuji Apple crisps are the cheapest ones, while the strawberries are the most expensive. There’s also a variety pack of 6 freeze-dried crisps sold for $21.92.

On eBay, you can get the freeze dried fuji apples for $5.00, and the freeze dried strawberries for $9.32. The variety pack, though, is cheaper. You can get it for $11.40 and even grab a 5% off on the second pack. There isn’t that much selection on eBay, though. So you’re better off getting your Great Value freeze-dried fruit in Walmart.

What Are People Saying About Great Value Freeze Dried Fruit?

The reviews for the freeze-dried fruits aren’t as positive as other brands in the market.


The peaches are full of natural flavor, and many love having them for a snack. They’re nice treats to have if you’re craving peaches and they’re out of season. It’s a good snack to bring for camping trips since they hold out against the heat better than fresh produce can. They’re sweet with a little tartness, but with just the right taste that the customer doesn’t mind the price.

The downside is that some weren’t a fan of how these tasted. Some said these tasted like sawdust and didn’t have the fruit-ish flavor. One described it with a taste and scent similar to dried greens instead.


The strawberries got positive reviews from customers. One person even preferred this over ALDI freeze dried strawberries. The review said they are not only as good, but they’re also even better. The only advice is you got to be sure to seal up the bag between uses or they’ll turn soggy. This is why you must vacuum seal your freeze-dried food and add oxygen absorbers for storage.

They even passed the acid test from a 15-year-old picky eater. The parents were having problems packing his school lunch. Now it’s a touch easier to pack school lunches that the kid would eat.

Although these are really popular and got the highest rating, some are still unsatisfied. One said it’s a waste of money and you have to wear gloves to eat them. Another said the crisps tasted like a piece of foam-board flavored like a bag.

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Fuji Apple

These are somewhat of a hit. Someone said it’s better than potato chips and absolutely delicious in oatmeal. The bag has 100% apple in it and was able to satisfy sweet cravings. Another customer can’t even stop eating! What’s great about this is that it’s like you’re eating fresh apples without the juice and skin. They’re perfectly sweet with just enough crispiness for a satisfying snack without worrying about your teeth.

One customer, however, found the bag overpriced, and another said it tasted like cardboard.


The mango is the least favorite, with a rating of 2.4 out of 5.

What’s good is that it’s crispy and a healthy snack for kids. A buyer said these are timesavers, and she could eat out a whole bag. Another said she couldn’t get enough. Most of the mango slices are sweet and delicious, but she did get occasional tart or bitter ones.

Most of the reviews are negative, though. Many don’t recommend the flavor and say the price isn’t worth it. Someone said only a mango lover could love this because it was kind of bland tasting.

Should I Buy Great Value Freeze Dried Fruit?

The concept behind the product is excellent. Many would gladly take anything that would make preparing meals easier and less tedious. With Great Value freeze dried fruit, you don’t have to think about washing, peeling, and slicing to get your fruity fix.

A fair warning, though. Not everyone can be a fan of freeze-dried fruit. This brand is no exception to that. What concerns us is that some fruits have lower customer ratings compared to others.

If you’re going to try Great Value freeze dried fruit, you should do so with caution. If you happen to stop by Walmart, go ahead and give it a try. But if this isi going to be the first time you’ll try freeze dried fruit, don’t go for shipping to be sure.

What’s your interest in Great Value freeze dried fruit? Are you planning to use it for your recipe or bring it on your next camping trip? Let us know your story in the comment section.

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