Can You Freeze Dry Breast Milk?


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Breastmilk is the first, original, and best superfood you can give to your baby. According to studies, breastmilk is crucial for a baby’s development. Breastfed babies are known to have higher IQs, improved immune systems, and lower incidence of food sensitivities, and obesity. But busy moms who don’t have time to pump and store breastmilk often ask: can you freeze dry breast milk?


What’s the difference between frozen and freeze-dried breastmilk?

When freezing breast milk, you can only store it in small batches (2-4 ounces). Aside from that, breast milk is that it expands when frozen. So, you have to either get an expandable container or not fill the container all the way. This limits your storage solutions as well as your storage space. Aside from that, freezing breast milk requires a temperature of 0°F or −18°C to last 9 months. It also needs a freezer that has a separate door. If you want to store it for up to 12 months, then use a chest or deep freezer with a temperature of−4°F or −20°C. You also need to thaw it properly and remember not to heat it in the microwave.

Freeze-dried milk, on the other hand, is far more convenient. You can store up to 128 ounces or more. You can store them in cans, mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, or long-storage containers. What’s more, freeze-dried breast milk can last for 20 years at room temperature. Meaning you don’t need any special equipment to keep it from spoiling. All you need is to keep the container away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture to keep


Does freeze-dried breast milk have the same nutrients?

Yes, according to research Done by Mariela Cortez and Elio Soria on breastfeeding medicine (published in PubMed). Based on their study, freeze-drying breast milk locks in the nutritional value of breastmilk.


What are the benefits of freeze-dried breast milk?

There are so many reasons why you should consider getting freeze-dried breast milk.

There is no need to work around storage times – you don’t have much time to work with fresh or frozen breast milk. With freeze-dried breast milk, you can leave it on the counter, do your thing, and come back when you’re ready to prepare it for your baby to drink.

Makes transitioning to solids easier – add it to prepared baby food for a “familiar” taste.

Added calories – freeze-dried breast milk is still high in calories, making it a great addition to food for babies struggling to gain weight.

Milk on demand – if you’re always traveling, on the go, or moving somewhere, this is your stress-free solution. Just rip open a bag, prepare it according to package instructions, and you’re good.

Ongoing nutrition – if ever you run into an unfortunate event of your breast milk running out, don’t worry. With freeze-dried breast milk, you can still give your baby the needed nutrition without resorting to formula milk.


Can you freeze dry breast milk and store them long?

Freeze-dried breastmilk lasts for 20 years stored at room temperature.


How do you freeze-dry breastmilk at home?

Because a baby’s digestive system is underdeveloped, it’s not advisable to freeze-dry breastmilk at home. It can be dangerous to handle raw breast milk without following proper health and safety protocols.

It’s best to have your breastmilk freeze-dried by companies specialized and equipped for this purpose. Here are some of the companies that you can check out.


MIlkify aims to transition you from freezer to freedom. All you have to do is send them your frozen breast milk, and they’ll freeze-dry it for you. They label your breast milk individually with your name and unique tracking number. If you gave any special notes, they’d also write them on the bag for you.

What’s unique about Milkify is that they don’t pool breast milk for processing. It never comes into contact with any of their equipment or utensils, lessening the risk for contamination. So if you send 5oz of breast milk, you get back enough powder to prepare a 5 fl. oz bottle for your baby.

Based on the reviews, the company has helped mothers who are moving from state to state bring along their stash. These mothers didn’t have to worry about losing their stored breastmilk. Most of their clients had a lot of breastmilk in the freezer and were running out of storage space. They were appreciative also of the delivery service the company provides.

The company is located in Houston, Texas, and accepts breast milk for processing via shipping or drop-off.


Booby Food

Booby Food was born after the struggle of its founder Janna to provide breastmilk for her SGA (small for gestational age) baby. Janna had very little breastmilk to give when her baby Sage was born. When Sage was ready for solids, Janna still wanted to fortify Sage’s food with breast milk but didn’t want to waste her stash.

So after hundreds of emails, messages, and phone calls to Europe where freeze-dried breastmilk has been used for decades, Bobby Food was born. Janna was thankful for the incredible moms who let her use their precious breast milk for the trial and error process.

Soon enough, Janna was able to come up with a process of her own. Water is removed from your breastmilk through a specialized evaporation process and stored as a powder in convenient, easy-to-use pouches.

The company is located in Alberta, Canada, but accepts the USA and International shipments. Pack your breastmilk for shipping using dry ice or gel packs. They have easy-to-follow video and text instructions on packing your breastmilk for delivery and packaging. The length and time of when you’ll get your freeze-dried breastmilk will depend on your location.

Freeze-drying breast milk gives you a lot of freedom and convenience when it comes to nourishing your baby. It lasts longer than frozen breast milk, and you don’t have to worry about storage space. You can easily have something to give to your baby on demand wherever you are.

Have you had any experience with freeze-dried breast milk? Share it with us in the comment section!


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