5 Best Freeze Dried Raspberry Recipes

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Freeze Dried Fruits

Got some freeze-dried raspberries in your pantry and want to use them aside from snacking? Here are some freeze dried raspberry recipes you can try and share with your family. We picked them according to flavor, ease of preparation, and how they make freeze-dried raspberries shine.

Raspberry Sugar Cookies

Jennifer McHenry described this as the “happiest, prettiest sugar cookies you’ll ever make.” And we agree. These are so pretty; the specks of sugar and powdered raspberry are like appetizing jewels.

What makes this so beautifully delicious is the freeze dried raspberries. Because there’s no moisture, you get a pretty pastel pink color. So there’s a double punch of raspberry goodness, and you still get that satisfying crunch sugar cookies are known for.

Another secret to this recipe is the cream cheese. It adds a super soft texture to the cookie and makes it even more flavorful. And for a more “jeweled” effect, use sanding sugar instead. You can definitely use regular granulated sugar, but you won’t get the same sparkle.

No rolling is needed, either. Once you mixed the dough, just use your ice cream scooper or a pair of tablespoons to portion the cookies.

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies

Want cookies that practically melt in your mouth? Then you’ve got to try this freeze dried raspberry recipe.

This cookie recipe has two parts: one is for the cookie, and the other is for the frosting. And just like the recipe above, you get a pretty pastel pink color because of the freeze dried raspberries.

What you do here is to pulverize the raspberry into a powder and then strain it through a fine mesh sieve. This will help you catch large seeds that can ruin the cookie. But if you get small bits of seeds on the dough, that’s just fine.

No rolling is required on this dough, either. You just scoop a portion of the cookie dough and flatten it using the bottom of a wide glass dipped in flour.

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Raspberry Macarons V2.0

No, we’re not talking about macaroons here, which are coconut cookies. Instead, this is a cookie sandwich with a creamy, sweet filling in the middle.

Shinee published the original recipe back in 2017. Although the flavor was great, many bakers had problems with the thick batter. So, after gathering feedback from her good readers, Shinee finally came up with the fool-proof v2.0.

What makes this great is the incredible flavor of the shells given by the raspberries. You can even eat the shells sans buttercream frosting. The specs of crushed freeze dried raspberries also give that natural, rustic look. You can give this as a housewarming gift, Valentine’s Day treat, or for whatever occasion.

As with the cookie freeze dried raspberry recipes we showed earlier, you need to grind the fruit into powder. Because of this, plus the grainy nature of almond flour, you have to sift the dry ingredients twice.

Head’s up, though. If you’re a beginner, you might have difficulty with the recipe. Shinee recommends that you watch this tutorial video before you make the macarons.

Truffles Coated in Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

If you love chocolates, you’re going to love truffles. And if you love raspberries, you’ll love this truffle recipe even more.

The recipe here used freeze dried raspberries from a fruit cereal box. Yes, that means you have to pick out the raspberries from the box. It’s a smart way to repurpose your cereals, but don’t hesitate to make your life easier. Either freeze dry your own batch of raspberries or get a bag of them for this.

Shinee mentioned that using a food processor will cause the raspberry powder to clump. If this is your problem, too, you might want to try out using a coffee or spice grinder. There’s less space here for the freeze dried fruit to get moisture, so this might work for you.

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Raspberry Lemon Muffins

If you’re going to bake for the first time, this will be our best bet among our freeze dried raspberry recipes. It’s a great comfort food whenever you need a good fixer-upper, and you can even eat them for breakfast.

Not many people are fond of baking with fresh raspberries because they make baked goods soggy. But the sweet tartness makes it an excellent ingredient for sweet delights. Thanks to freeze-drying, you can now use raspberries for baking without worrying about messing up a recipe.

Their intense color makes the muffins twice as beautiful and enticing to eat. The touch of lemon flavor in the recipe also brings out the flavor of the freeze dried raspberries. It’s certainly a must-try for raspberry lovers.

Another cool thing about this recipe is that it only takes you 30 minutes to make. No special equipment is needed also. You can easily make this at home as long as you have the ingredients and basic bakeware. Even kids will have fun making this and will be proud to have them for breakfast or school lunch.

These freeze dried raspberry recipes are simple to make. As long as you follow the tips suggested by the chef, you’ll find success making them at home.

What kinds of freeze dried raspberry recipes are you looking for? Let us know in the comment section. We also have a list of freeze dried strawberries recipes you might want to try.

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