Can Dogs Have Freeze Dried Apples?

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So many options to give your loyal friend treats for good behavior – or for nothing at all. As a loving paw parent, you may be wondering: can dogs have freeze dried apples? That’s what we’ll cover in today’s blog.

What Are Freeze-Dried Apples?

In case you got here from a Google rabbit hole of searching what treats to feed your dog… you might be scratching your head, wondering what freeze-dried apples are.

These are apples preserved by using extreme cold temperatures instead of heat. This keeps the apples looking almost exactly as if they are fresh.

Have you ever tried dehydrated apples? Notice that they kind of look shriveled and slightly brown in color? They also have that leathery look and chewy texture to them. Sometimes, they almost don’t look like apples at all. This is because dehydration uses heat to remove the fruit’s moisture. That’s not what you’ll get with freeze-dried apples.

Because freeze drying uses extreme cold temperatures, almost nothing changes the apple’s appearance. The extreme cold first makes the moisture in the fruit turn into ice. Second, it uses pressure to take out the moisture in the form of gas. Yes, gas. No water vapor whatsoever. This is because water is the only element that can go from solid to gas form without having to liquidate.

The result is an apple with almost twice the same flavor as fresh apples. As a result, you get light, airy fruit slices or cubes that are crunchy, tasty, and totally fun to eat. And because freeze-dried apples don’t have preservatives, they’re safe to snack on.

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Can Dogs Have Freeze Dried Apples?

The answer to that is a solid yes. Although a dog’s regular diet may consist primarily of protein, they can eat fruits. And that includes freeze-dried apples.

These are fun to eat because they got that satisfying crunch that dogs love. And every time they chew, they get this burst of apple flavor that makes their tail wag with enjoyment.

Be warned: your dogs will love freeze-dried apples so they’ll keep begging for more.

How Much Freeze Dried Apples Should I Give My Dog?

As a general rule, dog treats shouldn’t take up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. Fun and delicious freeze dried apples can be, they’re not complete food for your pet.

Dogs still need protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals from other food sources. So even if your dog can eat freeze-dried apples the whole day, it’s not recommended. So if you’re giving your dog other treats, remember to add freeze-dried apples to the equation.

How Often Should I Give Freeze Dried Apples To My Dogs?

You can give a slice or two daily. But what’s more important is considering your dog’s dietary needs. As long as your vet’s not against it or your dog doesn’t have health issues, you can give freeze-dried apples in moderation. Too much can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea. It’s about striking a good balance between other treats, your dog’s daily diet, and their current health status.

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When Should I Not Give Them To My Dog?

Freeze-dried apples are healthy because they contain almost the same nutrients as fresh ones. But they contain sugar, and there are times when you should be cautious in giving them. If your dog has cancer or is diagnosed with diabetes, best not to give freeze-dried apples. Ask your doctor about this when your dog has a medical condition.

How Should I Introduce Freeze Dried Apples To My Dog?

Give your dog a small slice on the first day and watch for any reaction. Some dogs are okay with apples from the start. Others take hours or days to show a reaction, sometimes even a week or two. Gradually increase the number and slice of apples until your dog can take the recommended daily allowance.

Have a doggie food diary ready, and write down what your dog is eating along with the apples. It’s best that you don’t introduce new food along with the freeze-dried apples. Stick to your dog’s usual daily diet to keep your pet from getting confused. This way, it’s also easier to know if your dog’s reaction came from the apples.

If your dog reacts unpleasantly, stop giving the apples. If reaction symptoms persist, consult your vet immediately.

Is It Safe To Give Dogs Freeze Dried Apples?

Yes, it is. As long as you get freeze-dried apples from reputable brands that use organic, non-GMO apples. They are also 100% natural and contain no preservatives. This is because freeze-dried apples can last for 25 years when properly stored.

Always check the label to be sure. Some brands add flavor enhancers or sugar to their freeze-dried apples. This is not safe for dogs, so stay away from them.

If you have your own freeze dryer, all the better. You can pick the best apples for your dogs. Just remember to slice them in proper sizes so your dogs won’t choke.

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