5 Top Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

5 Top Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

Freeze Dried Candy

Looking for the best place to buy freeze-dried marshmallows online? Here are our Top 5 picks which can give you the choices, ease, and convenience you’re after.

Treatly Freeze Dried Strawberry Marshmallows

Treatly’s freeze-dried strawberry marshmallows look so enticing to eat. They’re a beautiful strawberry red with a pretty baby pink center. You get the freeze-dried marshmallows in a resealable bag that’s 5” x 8” x 2 1/2” in size.

Getting one will cost you $7.00, and you’ll get approximately 2.5 oz of FD mallows. You can pay with Shop Pay or Google Pay, which you can connect to your preferred payment option.

Orders usually take 5-7 days to process before shipping, and they’ll ship using major carriers and local courier partners. Also, the shipping fee varies depending on your location. Or you can have your order for pick-up free of charge, which is usually ready in 2-4 days.

There’s only one review about the freeze-dried marshmallows. The customer said it was overly sweet for her, and she couldn’t taste the strawberry at all.

Sawtooth Sweet Shoppe

Sawtooth Sweet Shoppe is a store run and owned by Kalyssa, a college student passionate about business. She started the store when their backyard garden’s done producing for the year. With nothing left to freeze-dry, Kalyssa thought: why not start a freeze-dried candy business?  So, they transitioned from being a freeze-dryer owner to a small business in 2022 selling freeze-dried candy.

The freeze-dried marshmallows come in a 5” x 8” x 2 1/2″ resealable bag. It costs $6.00 per bag, which you can pay via Google Pay. At the bottom of their page, though, you’ll see that they accept payments through AMEX, Apple Pa, Diners, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Sawtooth Sweet Shoppe will have your freeze-dried marshmallows shipped for a fee. Or you can get it for pickup at their Boise or Meridian, Idaho location.

There are no reviews, unfortunately, about their freeze-dried marshmallows. It’s probably because they’re new or didn’t set up a review form on their website. But this is worth trying with the freeze-dried candy available in 24 hours. Especially when the popular shops have a 2-5 day waiting period before shipping your order.

Eye Candy Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

Eye Candy is a disabled veteran family-owned business. Tim just retired from the Navy on 22 July, and is now full-time hands-on with the business. Registered under the State of Tennessee, Eye Candy operates under the Tennessee Cottage Food Laws. Something to consider when you want to start your freeze-drying business.

Eye Candy has two sizes and two flavors available for freeze-dried Marshmallows. One is the Original flavor, and the other is Tropical. You can both in small and large sizes, so you have something to match your cravings.

The small bags cost $4.00, while the large bags cost $9.00. You can pay for your order using Shop Pay, PayPal, or Google Pay. There’s a flat rate shipping fee of $4.70. But if your order’s $40 and up, you can get it shipped for free.

You also have the free pick up option, and you can get your order at their Munford, TN store. Like Sawtooth Sweet Shoppe, the order’s usually ready in 24 hours.

Top Places To Buy Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

The Freeze Dried Candy Store

The Freeze Dried Candy Store offers freeze-dried marshmallows in two flavors and sizes. For the flavors, you get Originals and Assorted fruits. For the sizes, you get Normal, which is 0.8 oz, or Party, which is 2 oz.

The Normal bag costs $5.25, and the Party bag is around $5.50. At the time of this blogs’ publication, you can buy freeze-dried marshmallows on sale here for $ $2.99 and $5.50. That’s about 43% and 26% savings per order.

They will ship your order with a $7.00 flat rate shipping fee. But if your order is $50 and up, you’re entitled to free shipping. You can also pay in 4 interest-free installments through Shop Pay if your order is over $50

There are two ways to save on your order with The Freeze Dried Candy Store. One is to subscribe to regular delivery that could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Another is by signing up for their newsletter to get 10% off on your next order.

The Freeze Dried Candy Store did something different when most shops have a final product sale. They have a 100% Freeze Dried Guaranty on all of their freeze-dried candies. If you’re not satisfied with what you got, you get a guarantee gift card that’s 100% of the total cost of your freeze-dried candy.

The Freeze Dried Candy Company

No, you’re not seeing double. This one is different from the previous one. This one started in 2018, serving dog parents. But in late 2019, they branched out and offered freeze-dried candies and desserts. That’s how The Freeze Dried Candy Company LLC came to be.

The company offers different flavors of freeze-dried marshmallows. You can get:

  • Birthday Cake Filled
  • Chocolate-Filled Strawberries
  • Sour Watermelon
  • Rainbow Logs
  • Hearts
  • Worms
  • Mini Rainbow Poppoers
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • Popcorn Flavored
  • Hearts

The marshmallows cost between $8.50-$9.50 for a 2 oz bag. The number of freeze-dried marshmallows you’ll get depends on how big the FD candies are. If you plan to be a distributor, you can also buy freeze-dried marshmallows wholesale. Depending on the variety, you can spend $102.00-$114.00 per case.

So that’s our Top 5 online stores where you can buy freeze-dried marshmallows! Each one is known to have its unique way of delivering satisfaction, hassle-free transaction, and unforgettable flavor.

Which one of them would you pick? Let us know in the comment section.

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