The Best-Tasting Freeze Dried Foods


Freeze Dried Fruits

2020 was a harsh reality call for people all over the world. With groceries and markets closed and the supply chain grossly interrupted, many faced serious food insecurity. A lot also wished they were better prepared. 2 years afterward, people are now looking for the best tasting freeze-dried food they can store at home. Let’s talk about what these are and why they’re better.

Note: these are actually food you’d want to eat and even bring with you in case you need to move.

Freeze-Dried Meals

Of course, one of the best-tasting freeze-dried food you can count on is freeze-dried meals. These are meals that don’t need much cooking and preparation. All the necessary ingredients are already inside, and all you have to do is add water.


These are mostly used by backpackers because they’re lightweight. They don’t need heavy preparation like washing, chopping, and cooking. Most of the time, you can even eat them out of their Mylar bags, so you don’t have to worry about cleanup. Some of the brands you can look out for include:

Packit Gourmet

What sets this brand apart is that they have separate condiments, toppings, and seasonings. What you get is a load of possibilities for texture and flavor compared to other competitors.

Another good thing about Packit Gourmet is that they’re “stoveless meals”. You don’t’ need to boil water or cook it on the stove to prepare it.

Trailtopia Adventure Food

Are you looking for a brand that focuses on all-natural ingredients with little to no preservatives or chemicals? Or do you want a meal that has a good balance between carbs and protein? This brand is your answer.

What’s more, you get them in wide, shorter Mylar bags that make eating simple and convenient for you. The flavor is also quite excellent, although you might find the portion size smaller if you’re a heavy eater.

Wild Zora

It can be challenging to get freeze-dried food meals while following a diet regime or program. But if you’re into the Paleo diet, you’re in luck.

Wild  Zora Paleo Meals To Go is a freeze-dried food brand that caters to those who follow the Paleo diet. They have a wide selection of freeze-dried paleo meals to go, and all of them have raving reviews.

The meals meet the diet restrictions, and they all taste great. They are great for those who are always on the go and find it hard to find any open restaurants. They fit travel suitcases perfectly and provide just the proper sustenance to fuel you for the day.

Best tasting freeze-dried food: Freeze Dried Fruits

Young or old, fruits are always a favorite because of the sweet sugary rush that’s healthy and nutritious. You can get a great, satisfying snack without any preparation.

Unlike freeze-dried food meals, freeze-dried fruits are easier to come by. When before you could only get them through special orders, now even some local grocery stores carry them.

Your meal options are also almost endless. You can eat them as is as a snack, whenever or wherever you are. Or you can reconstitute them and add them to a tasty, refreshing salad. Baking is also possible, and they make smoothies healthier and tastier.

Some of the popular freeze-dried fruits are:


  • Strawberries – These are a popular favorite. The flavors stay tart, sweet, and bright, and the colors just whet your appetite for more. Be warned: kids can’t get enough of them, so prepare.
  • Raspberries – they’re great fresh for blended smoothies. They’re even better and taste super amazing when freeze-dried.
  • Apple – you can dry them as-is, or drizzle the slices with caramel before freeze-drying. Do you see where I’m going with this?
  • Mango – get them when they’re at their sweetest. This means when they’re in season. Freeze dry them, and you have a tropical snack ready all year round.
  • Dragon fruit – are you a fan of Starbucks’ Dragon Fruit Refresher? Then freeze dry your own and make one whenever you feel like it!
  • Pineapple – This fruit takes almost forever to freeze-dry because it’s so juicy, but I’m telling you. It’s. All. Worth. It. Save yourself hours of freeze-drying by freezing them before freeze-drying.
  • Lemons and limes – Need your lemon and lime water but don’t have the space to keep your citrus fresh? Then freeze-dry them and get extra-flavorful citrus slices!
  • Watermelon – Love the taste of watermelon but don’t want the watery mess? Then, by all means, freeze-dry it! The flavors will double, and you’ll thank yourself for it.


Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that keep our body functioning as well as new. However, dehydrating and pressure canning strip out almost 40% of their nutrients. What’s more, cans and jars need lots of storage space.

Freeze-drying helps preserve the vegetables and their nutrients. You get to save as much as 97% of the vitamins and minerals. Aside from that, freeze-dried vegetables last longer than dehydrated and canned veggies.

Some of the vegetables you can freeze-dry are:

  • Diced potatoes – no more wringing and drying for hash browns, and your mashed potatoes will be extra creamy.
  • Onions – freeze-dried onions taste and reconstitute better than those dehydrated ones you get in the spice aisle.
  • Mushrooms – you get a better texture and an even deeper, richer umami flavor.
  • Peppers – they rehydrate so beautifully and give a lively splash of color to your dish.
  • Tomatoes – whole, sliced, or powdered, you can’t go wrong with freeze-dried tomatoes.


Meat is a great source of complete protein, but long-term storage can be a problem. If there’s a power outage, your meat’s life depends on how long your dead freezer can maintain its freezing temperature. Aside from that, meat is also vulnerable to freezer burn.

Freeze-drying preserves your meat for 25+ years – at room temperature. That’s right. If ever you experience a power outage because of a storm or natural disaster, your freeze-dried meat will last. And when you cook it, it tastes and feels like it’s almost fresh.


What is the best tasting freeze-dried food?

That will be the one that’s most flavorful and has a less fat content. There are tasty freeze-dried meals that you can keep in your pantry for years. If you still prefer to prepare your own meals, then you can freeze dry fruits, veggies, and even meat.

Notice that we didn’t include high-fat food items like peanut butter, pure chocolate,  butter, and mayonnaise in the list. They don’t freeze-dry well because they leave behind oil, which doesn’t respond well to sublimation.

What’s the best-tasting freeze-dried food for you? Please do share your preference in the comment section, and let’s exchange notes!

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