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Freeze Dried Fruits

Want the best freeze dried strawberries for your recipes, snacks, and meals? Try these ones that are vetted by customers and experts.

Looking for the best freeze dried strawberries? Here are some that we’ll recommend. We picked these brands because of the customer feedback and experience they give for your eating pleasure.

Natierra Organic Freeze Dried Strawberries

This is one of the best freeze dried strawberries in the market. It’s even mentioned by one pastry chef who made a freeze-dried strawberries.

One bag has 1.2 oz of freeze dried strawberry goodness. They come in slices, so they’re great for snacking or to add to your salads, toast, and cereals. The best part is, it’s USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO, fat-free, fair trade, and gluten-free.

You can get them in the website as a single order for $5.99. Or you could pay $45.52 for packs of 8 and $64.69 for packs of 12.

Customer Reviews

This snack is toddler approved! A mom said it’s a perfect snack on the go for he Someone also shared her journey. She’s tried several brands, and all of them were the same. Then, on a whim, she decided to try Natierra, and she was amazed at the colors. The excellent flavor and texture make the brand the best freeze dried strawberries for her.

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Trader Joe’s: Best Freeze Dried Strawberries

Trader Joe’s is one of the best freeze dried strawberries because they’re kid approved. Not only that, they do well with cake recipes, cereals, and yogurt. They also made a mark of being one of the backpacking staples for some.

The freeze dried fruit are available in 1.2 oz resealable bag. That’s about 12 ounces of fresh, ripe strawberries. So where do their strawberries come from? From California’s coastal growing regions. If you’re looking for locally sourced freeze-dried fruit, this can be your go-to.

Customer Reviews

Many customers are happy with the experience they got with Trader Joe’s freeze dried strawberries. They’re fun, convenient, and healthy to have around. Another person said she liked the slightly tart flavor of the brand, and they go well with her green coffee refresher. As one customer said, these are also ideal for helping you with your weight management program. She adds them to her snack along with pistachios and popcorn.

Some are not so much of a fan, though. A dissatisfied customer said he didn’t even taste the strawberries. One also said that these were inedible because they were chalky.

r 18m son. A customer appreciates that they get a bag of freeze-dried strawberry slices and not crumbs. One also said these are the perfect smoothie booster for her. They’re so simple yet so yummy.

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Mother Earth Products Freeze Dried Strawberries

If you want varying package sizes of the best freeze dried strawberries, go here. Mother Earth Products offer sliced freeze dried strawberries in 2-cup pouches, 1-quart bags, and 1-quart jars. If these are not enough, then go for the bulk sizes which are 5lbs and 15 lbs.

Mother Earth Products freeze dried strawberries are grown and processed n the US. They are non-GMO, and contain no preservatives or additives. They’re kosher and packed carefully by hand so you get the best quality possible.

Customer Reviews

A customer said these taste great. She adds them to her lemonade and pink drinks because they add flavor. Even one who grew up eating wild strawberries love the flavor of these ones. The flavor’s concentrated that this fellow is now a convert to farm strawberries.

Another said she keeps at least 6 containers of these in her pantry. She likes the convenience of having something close to homemade dehydrated strawberries. Someone also said this is the best freeze dried berries so far. She’s tried 8 to 10 different brands, but Mother Earth Products have the best quality and taste.

Many, though, find the product expensive. But with the quality that they’re getting, some would say it’s to be expected. With Mother Earth Products, you get nothing but quality in a bag or jar for freeze-dried food.

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So Natural Best Freeze Dried Strawberries

This is the best freeze dried fruit for some because they come whole! Yes, you get whole strawberries instead of sliced ones in the bag. So Natural harvests only the freshest fruits from the farm to lock in the freshness. It’s gluten-free contains no preservatives, and made from natural fruit.

There are only two downsides with this brand. One is that it’s not locally made or sourced in the US, but China. So if you’re concerned about maintaining a green environment, this might be a turn-off for you. Another is that there’s added sugar. It may help for those who find strawberries a little too tart. But this may not be for you if you’re eating fruits to help control and manage your health.

Customer Reviews

A customer said these are great to add to oatmeals, smoothies, or a plain snack. Another also reported that it’s so good, she uses it to make a smoothie. It’s a delicious low-calorie snack when you’re craving for something sweet.

Not everyone is too happy about it, though. Some said the price is way too much for a small bag. But that is if you order in Amazon. Another said the strawberries are way too sweet. It’s not because they used synthetic strawberries but because they added sugar to the strawberries. This is not for you if you want a more natural freeze-dired strawberry pack. Especially if you’re controlling your sugar intake.


These are the best freeze-dried strawberries that people love because of their flavor. All of the reviews from the different brands say these were so full of strawberry goodness. If you’re looking for freeze dried strawberries, and this is your first time, go for these ones. Try a pack and see which one matches your flavor profile.

What’s the best freeze dried strawberries for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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