The Best Freeze Dried Snack Foods

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Freeze Dried Meals

Who doesn’t love snacks? Sometimes that unique spice, sweetness, or saltiness just lifts your mood like no other. If you’re looking for a snack, healthy or otherwise, here are the best freeze-dried snacks that you can try!


Nothing spells fun as Skittles can. It’s a candy loved by both kids and adults. That burst of tanginess followed by a crazy flow of sweetness just makes you want for more. If only the candy doesn’t stick to your teeth or make your jaw tired from all that chewing.

Luckily enough, Skittles is one of the best freeze dried snacks! It doubles in size inside the freeze dryer and gets twice the fun and flavor. Once the machine is done doing this thing? You get these fun, puffed-up balls of sugar that just melts in your mouth at every bite.

Jolly Ranchers.

This is like eating cotton candy. As the freeze-drying process removes the moisture, the candy puffs up ginormously. You get this airy, fluffy, light, and crispy ball of sweetness. When you put it in your mouth, it just disintegrates in seconds. You don’t even need to use your teeth to enjoy the flavor.

If you love the flavor of Jolly Ranchers, but hate all that sucking and chewing, then this is the one for you.

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Best Freeze-Dried Snackes: Strawberries

If you love strawberries, then you’ll love them even more freeze-dried. It may not be juicy, but that’s where the fun is. It’s like you’re eating pieces of strawberry chips but with a natural, unmistakable sweet tartness.

First, you will get that crunch, then a satisfying strawberry burst as the freeze-dried snack melts in your mouth. The flavors are just stronger, making it such a joy to eat.

Gummy bears

If you think gummy bears are great snacks like soft, chewy candies, wait until you try them freeze-dried.

Just like Skittles and Jolly Ranchers, the Gummy bears expand in size as it dries. It’s such a fun candy to watch getting freeze-dried. With each escape of gas, the Gummy Bears pop and dance (if not wiggle) on the tray.

The chewiness that makes Gummy Bears fun to eat is gone. However, you get this crunchy, light bear that is not any less fun to eat.


Apples are great snacks because they are rich in antioxidants, soluble fiber, and trace nutrients. This is why there’s a saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctors away.”

Now freeze-dry them, and you have an amazingly healthy snack to put in your lunch box. You can snack on them while reading or watching your favorite movie on Netflix. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about throwing away the core.


Love mangos but live in a place where they’re hard to come by? Or are you craving for mangos, but they’re out of season? Then freeze-dried mangos are your best alternative.

It’s one of the best freeze-dried snacks because it’s light yet so full of sweet mango flavor. When freeze-dried, it becomes more convenient to eat! You don’t have to deal with dripping, sticky mango juice or staining your hands and clothes.

Just be careful, though. This snack is so tasty and sweet that it’s easy to overeat!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? And they’re even better freeze-dried!

Freeze-drying ice cream sandwiches give you the freedom of enjoying this sweet desert without a freezer. Once the sandwiches are dry, they’re good to eat as is! No need to reconstitute to enjoy the creamy, sweet flavor.

If you’re going to bring them with you on camping trips and you have kids around, pack extra. Kids couldn’t get enough of them, and you might find yourself reaching out to an empty bag.

If you want to reconstitute them, use milk instead of water, then pop them back in the freezer.

Best Freeze Dried Snacks: Cantaloup

Want the taste of summer all year round? Then have a bag of freeze-dried cantaloup ready.

Just like with any other freeze-dried fruit, this is so rich in flavor. It’s airy and crisp like you’re eating potato chips – only with a distinctive tropical sweetness.

Believe it or not, cantaloup tastes better when freeze-dried. Some say the fruit is tasteless fresh. Maybe they might have had cantaloup that’s not yet ripe. But when you try the freeze-dried version? It’s a whole different world

Freeze-dried snacks are great to have anytime, anywhere. Since they’re conveniently packed, you don’t have to worry about making a mess while you move from place to place.

The flavors are also intensified, and texture transformation brings snacking to a new level. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried to snack on freeze-dried fruits or candies.

What’s the best freeze-dried snacks for you? What makes them great? Is it because of their flavor or their nutritional value? Share them with us in the comment section, and let’s compare notes!

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