The 3 Best Freeze Dried Baby Food Brands

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Freeze Dried Meals

Ever tried to eat one of those jarred baby foods? Yeah, they can be nasty at times. What’s more, some of them were found to contain preservatives and artificial ingredients that aren’t healthy for babies. But don’t worry because right now, you have a lot of choices as a parent. We’ll give you the best freeze-dried baby food that you can give your baby for healthy, fun, and safe mealtimes.

Homemade & Blessed Best

This may just be the answer for anxious busy parents who feel they don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal for their babies.

Homemade & Blessed freeze dried baby food is made from single ingredients. It’s the perfect way to introduce your baby to solid food without the complicated taste and textures. You can choose between avocado, mango, sweet potato, banana, and coconut mango banana. All these flavors are great-tasting and can satisfy your baby’s taste buds and yours.

Giving it to your baby is easy. All you have to do is mix it with breast milk or formula, and you have a nutritious meal for your baby in minutes. They come in individual packets, so they’re easy to bring with you whether you’re traveling, shopping, or out for a good stroll in the park.

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Happy Baby Organics

Happy Baby Organics is a brand of Happy Family Organics, a company started by two brilliant women. Their goal is to “change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition.”

They’ve been organic from the start and are passionate about providing little ones with safe, healthy, and satisfying food. A mother is delighted that even though her baby has allergies, Happy Baby Organics was okay for him.

Babies love Happy Baby Organics’ freeze-dried baby food’s flavor and consistency. They are full of flavor and melts in the mouth easily. Don’t be surprised if you turn your back and find your baby holding an empty bag when you get back. Be warned. A mother tried to see if this one really does melt in your mouth. She found that she does and is now sneaking a Happy Baby Organics snack or two with her husband.

If you’re trying to find a healthy, flavorful gluten-free, and dairy-free snack with no rice, this is the one.

Amara Freeze Dried Baby Food

Amara is one of the best freeze dried baby food loved by both new and veteran parents, and with good reason.

One is that there are so many flavor choices to choose from. Amara has different varieties of freeze dried baby food flavors, such as:

  • Applesauce With Maqui Berry
  • Banana
  • Black Bean And Sweet Corn
  • Kale Potato Veggie Mash
  • Oats N’ Berries
  • Oats, Mango N’ Strawberry (Ancient Grain Cereal)
  • Pumpkin And Pear
  • Sweet Potato Raspberry
  • Tropical Mango

What’s great about Amara is that they’re not your usual peas, carrots, and applesauce that you get from jarred baby food. They’re designed by Chef Vicki Johnson, who made sure that they’re completely delicious and nutritious.

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Can I Make Freeze-Dried Baby Food At Home?

Yes, you can? Some parents prefer this option because it gives them the freedom to choose exactly what they want to give their baby.

All you need is your own freeze dryer and prepare the ingredients you want to add to your baby’s food.

You can start with fruits and veggies first because they’re easier for your baby’s tummy to digest. Once it’s natural for them to eat veggies and fruits, you can gradually introduce fish and meat.

Once you’ve freeze-dried your fruits and veggies, you have two options. One is to store them as-is. This would mean you’ll have to buzz the freeze-dried baby food in the food processor at mealtimes. But that can potentially save you from wastage. Or you can process the freeze-dried food into powder for convenience. All you have to do is prepare it once it’s time for eating! The drawback here is that if your baby doesn’t like the food, you might either have to throw it away or get creative on using powdered baby food.


How Do You Prepare The Best Freeze Dried Baby Food?

Preparing freeze-dried baby food is as simple as adding water, breast milk, or formula. If you have whole pieces of freeze-dried food, you can buzz it and then add your preferred liquid. Make the baby food runny if you’re baby’s eating solids for the first time. Then gradually thicken the consistency as your baby gets used to it.


How Should I Store Freeze Dried Baby Food?

You can store freeze-dried baby foods in air-tight, vacuum-sealed Mylar bags for long-term storage. Stored properly, freeze-dried baby food can last for 25+ years. If you’ve opened a pack, it’s best to use it within 3-6 months.

What’s the best freeze dried baby food for you? Is it the commercial, branded ones or what you made yourself? Let us know your tips and preferences in the comment section!


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