Simple Truth Freeze Dried Strawberries Review

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Ever experienced a craving for strawberries, but they’re sold out or out of season? We get you; everyone’s been at that stage at one point in their strawberry-lovin’ life. Thankfully, you can get and stock them even when they’re out of season through Simple Truth freeze-dried strawberries.

What is Simple Truth Freeze Dried Strawberries?

It’s simply a pack of strawberries that are freeze-dried as a way to give them a longer shelf life. A pack of Simple Truth freeze-dried strawberries has a net weight of 1 oz or 28g.

It has 100 calories per serving, zero cholesterol, and gives you 200% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. The package claims it has no added sugar and is gluten-free.

How Do They Process Their Strawberries?

We tried to get at least an idea on how Simple Truth freeze-dry their strawberries. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have any idea about their process.

Where Do Their Strawberries Come From?

Some say that the strawberries were sourced locally in the U.S., with some coming from Canada. Not that sure because although there are several vendors offering the product, not many show info about this.

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How Much Are They?

The price of the freeze-dried strawberries varies from vendor to  vendor.

On Amazon, you can get a 3-pack for $25.99 (around $8.66 per bag).

Another vendor offers a pack for $2.99 if you are getting it for pick-up.

One vendor doesn’t offer pick-up or delivery, but you can buy yours at $4.01 if you prefer to have it shipped.

How Do You Use Simple Truth Freeze Dried Strawberries?

There are several ways for you to enjoy them.

One is you can snack on them as is. These are already sliced into bite-sized pieces, so enjoying them on demand is easy.

You can mix them with your favorite yogurt and have a healthy snack. The tartness is also a great compliment to sweet and creamy ice cream or sorbets.

These freeze-dried strawberries can also enhance or liven up the flavor of any juice drink. Just place a packet in a jar of your favorite lemonade, fruit punch, or tropical drink. You can also mix it with other freeze-dried fruits to make a delicious and healthy smoothie that’s naturally sweet and flavorful.

Like having oatmeal or cereal for breakfast but getting tired of the flavor? Then why not add this to your breakfast bowl and transform your breakfast experience?

Another is to reconstitute it by soaking it in water and adding it to your favorite salad. The possibilities of eating and enjoying Simple Truth freeze-dried strawberries are almost endless.

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What Do They Taste Like?

Most of the customers were happy with their experience.

One mom bought this for her son, who’s crazy about strawberries. His son was craving strawberries, and they weren’t in season yet. So she bought a bag, and her son finished the entire bag in just one sitting. It was so good, her son asked when she was buying more. Simple Truth freeze dried strawberries are a great alternative for them when they can’t get any strawberries.

Another customer bought a bag on a whim. She wanted some fresh fruit, so she wasn’t expecting much from a freeze-dried product. She was delighted at how great the strawberries tasted. There’s a tone of flavor and decent consistency when rehydrated.

One customer found it crispy and delightfully tasty. When you get dehydrated fruits that are rubbery, chewy, and a bit sticky. But with freeze-dried fruits, you get these airy, crunchy crisps that are twice tastier and way better to eat.

Should I Buy Simple Truth Freeze Dried Strawberries?

Based on the reviews, it is a good brand to buy if you’re looking for light, tasty, and airy strawberries. With the crazy weather that we have, growing delicious strawberries is a challenge. By getting Simple Truth freeze-dried strawberries, you finally can get your tart strawberry fix no matter the time of the year.

On the other hand, one customer has something to say. There was nothing on the label that indicated that the product was organic. Her concern is that strawberries are among the fruits well known to be treated with pesticides, so one should be aware.

Still, it’s a snack worth getting. It’s a sweet, tart, crunchy and tender fruit treat you’ll want to have over and over again.

About Simple Truth

Simple Truth is one of The Kroger Co. brands. The company launched it as an answer to the rising demand for organic food. At the time when they released the brand, the Organic Trade Association noted that 78% of U.S. families were choosing to go organic.

The brand’s goal is to make it easier for everyone to find affordable and delicious foods you can enjoy the way nature intended it.

In line with their goal, Simple Truth provides a straightforward and trustworthy solution to simple better living.

Have you tried Simple Truth freeze-dried strawberries? How was it for you? Would you buy one again, or would you go for a better option next time? Do share your experience with us in the comment section.

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