How To Freeze Dry Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Almost everybody loves ice cream that it’s right there in almost every busy place in town. BUT! Here come ice cream sandwiches, and the experience just got better! It’s the most humble desert on the planet capable of bringing you to nirvana in just one bite.  But you know what’s can level it up even more? Freeze-drying them so you can have them around you anywhere you go!


How To Freeze Dry Ice Cream Sandwiches

For an easier way to freeze dry a good bag of ice cream sandwiches, use a freeze dryer. That handsome piece of appliance makes the whole process of lyophilization simple. It gives you time to do other things while it does all the complicated work for you.

Now, let’s get on to freeze drying!

  • Line the trays with parchment paper. This will make it easier for you to take out the sandwiches after the process.
  • Pre-freeze the trays to prevent the ice cream sandwiches from melting.
  • Cut the ice cream sandwiches into serving portion sizes. Increasing the surface area ensures an even and proper freeze drying.
  • Take out a tray from the freezer and line up the ice cream sandwiches. Leave at least 1/4 of an inch of space between.
  • Put the loaded tray in a regular freezer as you load another batch. This will keep the ice cream sandwiches from melting
  • Keep putting the loaded trays in the freezer until all the trays are full.
  • Set the freeze dryer to 24 hours, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check the sandwiches and see if they’re done. They should be dry, light, crunchy, and crumbly. Some will have cool air bubbles
  • If the ice cream sandwiches come out soft and still moist, cold, and wet, put them back. Add more time to the drying process until they’re done.

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How Do You Store After Freeze Drying?

Mylar bags are a favorite among freeze dryer fans, and with good reason. Not only do they keep away air, water, and moisture. They don’t take much space, and you can store them in batches inside a bigger storage container. They’re easier to label, too! You don’t want to open up Mylar bag after Mylar bag just to see what goes inside which one.

If you want a good bunch for snacking, then any air-tight container will do. You can vacuum seal mason jars so that you can have an ice cream sandwich on demand.

Whatever storage method you choose, don’t forget to throw in your O2 absorber.


How Long Will They Last?

Your freeze-dried ice cream sandwich, in theory, can last for 25+ years under ideal conditions.

Oxygen is the main enemy of freeze-dried goods. Although Mylar bags provide a good oxygen barrier, it’s still best practice to check the seal from time to time. Check the bags as well for punctures and holes that can occur if you’ve got critter friends in the house.

Although ice cream bars no longer need ice-cold conditions, you still need to regulate the ambient temperature. The dessert bags should be kept in a room that has a temperature not higher than 72°F (22 °C).

Moisture also spoils freeze-dried food, so keep the humidity at 40% below. If your storage place happens to get flooded, don’t take any chances. Move the bags of ice cream sandwiches immediately to a drier place.


Can You Reconstitute A Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich?

This is a solid, resounding no. Once you freeze dry ice cream sandwiches, they are good to eat as they are. Reconstituting it will be like eating an overly soggy cereal or an Oreo cookie left swimming too long in milk.

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What Brand Or Flavor Works Best For Freeze Drying?

The answer to that is to go with what you love! Go for the brands that you like because that will give you the best experience. Freeze drying is chosen by many because it locks in the flavor. Many even say it intensifies the flavor by removing the water content.

So if you freeze-dry an ice cream sandwich that has the flavor that you love? Expect to have twice the fun when it comes to flavor. So if you freeze-dried vanilla-flavored ice cream, expect a double dose of vanilla in your mouth!


Can I Make My Own Ice Cream Sandwich And Freeze Dry It?

By all means, go for it! What’s great about freeze-drying is that you have room to be as creative as you can be.

You can make your ice cream sandwich totally from scratch. As in you create your own ice cream and cookie to make the flavors more personal to you. Or you can use store-bought flat cookies of any shape, and get the flavors that you want! You can even make your own Neapolitan version!

Have you ever tried freeze-drying ice cream? Share with us your experience in the comment section below!


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