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Freeze Dried Candy

Gushers are fun candies to eat. That sweet coating protecting that tangy juice is enough to make you crave more. However, they clump up together, looking like a molecular science experiment out of the bag. Next best thing, if not better? Freeze-dried gushers! Here’s where you can buy them and a few tips to help you create them using your Harvest Right freeze dryer.

Treatly Freeze Dried Food

Treatly freeze-dried Gushers are made only from 100% pure Gushers. A bag contains 80 g of freeze-dried candy and costs $8.00. If you want to eat it later, that’s fine too! Treatly’s freeze-dried Gushers are shelf-stable and can last you for 30 years. So, if you’re saving it for your brother’s or sister’s next visit to town – which you don’t know when that would be – go ahead! They’ll still be good to eat after several years as long as you keep them properly.

Want to get 10% off on your first order? Treatly gives 10% discount for new customers after signing up for their newsletter. You can also get free shipping for orders above $100.

After you pay for your order, give Treatly 5-7 days to process it. Shipping rates will depend on your location as well as your product order. They ship internationally, too, and shipping prices vary per province. You have the freedom to select your delivery method, so you can choose to expedite delivery if you need to.

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Krunchi Munchies Freeze-Dried Chamoy Fruit Gushers Candy

Krunchi Munchies Freeze Dried Yummies strive to offer everyone fun and variety. Their priority is for you to get quality, tasty, and creative snacks.

Imagine Gushers but amped to a whole new level. They coat their Gushers with Chamoy & Seasoning. For those who don’t know, chamoy is a popular sauce in Mexico that’s made from dehydrated fruits such as plums, mango, or apricot. It’s mixed with chili powder and other seasonings to give that sweet, tangy, spicy flavor. Now imagine that flavor mixing with the sweet crunchiness of freeze-dried Gushers!

Krunchi Munchies freeze-Dried Gushers come in a 4×6 package. A bag costs $6.99, which you can pay using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, and Union Pay. If your order is $30 or more, you’ll get a small candy scoop freebie!

You get free shipping for orders above $75. Otherwise, shipping fee’s calculated based on your location.

Customer Reviews

Like you, we’re interested to know what these freeze-dried gushers taste like. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews on the website. If you taste it, please let us know how it was in the comment section.

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Bartek & Co.

Bartek & Co. offers freeze-dried veggies, fruits, candies, and pet treats. Among their candies are, of course, freeze-dried Gushers.

The freeze-dried Gushers come in 2 flavors: original and with Tajin and Chamoy. For the original, the 1 oz pack costs $5.00, and the 2.5 oz pack is $10.00. The Tajin and Chamoy will cost you $6.00 for the 1 oz and $11.00 for the 2.5 oz.

Bartek & Co. didn’t create their own seasonings for the Tajin and Chamoy. But if you want to know the ingredients, they listed them on the product page. This is a good way to help you see if you got any allergies to the seasoning they use.

Customer Reviews

No customer reviews as well for the freeze-dried Gushers, both original and with Tajin & Chamoy.

How To Freeze-Dry Gushers

It’s great to have the new software version of the Harvest Right freeze-dryer that has Candy Mode. It increases the success rate of freeze-drying gummy candies like Gushers. You’ll know that you have Candy Mode when your software version is v5.x.19 or higher. You can see it at the upper right corner of your screen. In case you haven’t upgraded yet, you can download the software at Harvest Right Support Page. Unfortunately, the update isn’t compatible if you have a  software version older than 3.6.11 or a machine manufactured before 2017.

To activate the candy mode (v5.x.19 or higher):

  1. Turn on the machine and press “CUSTOMIZE”.
  2. Set the “Dry Temp” field to 135 °F (57 °C), The “Candy/High Temperature Mode” should show on the screen.
  3. Set the “Extra Dry Time” for 2-3 hours. Note that this will be your only dry time for Candy Mode.
  4. Press “SAVE.”
  5. Press “START” and give your machine 15 minutes to cool dow.
  6. When the unit tells you to, turn on the Candy Mode by tapping the toggle button.
  7. Close the drain valve and load your trays.
  8. Lock the chamber door, double-checking the tight seal around the ring.
  9. Press “Continue”
  10. Press “START” when you’re asked to warm the trays. Then add 3-4 minutes to the dry time.
  11. Select “WARM TRAYS” then open the drain valve when it’s done.
  12. Take out the trays while they’re still warm.

What if you don’t have the candy mode? Here’s what you’ll do.

  1. Turn on the machine and press “CUSTOMIZE”.
  2. Set the Dry Temperature to 135 °F (57 °C), then press “SAVE”. (Note that your freeze dryer will have these settings on the next batches. Remember to decrease the temp on your next batch for non-candy food items).
  3. Select “START > NON-LIQUID”.
  4. Choose “NOT FROZEN” for room-temperature candies.
  5. Wait for the chamber to pre-cool for 15-30 minutes.
  6. When the unit tells you to, close the drain valve and load the trays.
  7. Close the chamber door and ensure a tight seal around the ring.
  8. Press “CONTINUE” and let the cycle complete.

And that’s it! For the new software, freeze-drying Gushers will be as long as you set the dry time. Older versions can take 16-28 hours depending on how much Gushers and food you’re freeze-drying.


Freeze-dried Gushers give you a totally different candy experience. From a gummy, chewy candy, you got this crunchy intensely flavored treat that’s hard to stop eating. The shops we mentioned are the only places to buy freeze-dried Gushers. Others offer Gushers in their original form or as originals coated with Chamoy.

These products don’t have reviews, though. But if you have your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, you can create it yourself. Crank up the dry temperature to activate the Candy Mode for new software, and have a speedy process. Increasing the drying time can also help if you have the old one.

Which freeze-dried Gusher would you try? Let us know in the comment section.

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